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Today we having been hanging out at home.
Doing little jobs... cleaning the car, mountains of laundry etc
I've quite enjoyed it.
On my way back from saying goodbye to Tree and Books yesterday, I stopped off at my local furniture junk shop.. (if you are in Bristol and know where I mean, there are some great treasures in there at the moment!).
I found this chair!
I love it. I don't think it's designer or teak or something special, but I love it's shape and the back rest.
I've given it a good clean today as it was covered in sticky stuff - ergh!
And it looks right at home now.
I just need 3 others to make the look complete.
Hope you guys are enjoying your Sunday... I am now off to the park for a run around.

the sun shone for 5 minutes...

After the rain of most of the weekend....
the sun shone for a wee while on Sunday afternoon.
A quick dash to Ashton Court Estate for a bike ride and to smell the roses.


We are back.
Back from a perfectly lovely weekend.
Friday we spent the day at the Royal Bath & West Show with the boys Grandparents.
Playing on the fun fair.  Riding on mini steam trains.  Watching the animals.  Daredevil motorcyclists. Visting the floral pavillion.  Picnicing on strawberries and mini pork pies.
Friday evening we drove down south further to rural Devon to meet up with friends for a weekend of chilled camping.
Sunshine. Barbeques. Fires. Star gazing. Raft making. Dam building in the stream. Walking through flower filled country lanes. Cuddling dogs and tickling children. Sharing. Laughing and relaxing.
The weather was warm, the nights were dark, the location green and the company relaxed & happy.
Good times.

Sun - Day

~ Sunshine!

~ New chucks.

~ Shadows on the water.

~ Mirrored in the planetarium.

~ Pizza with Family.

Hope you had a great Sun-Day too!


And then the sun came out

Gosh it is freezing here.  Bitter bitter wind, catching us, breathless.  Huddling at school in the playground trying desperately to keep warm.

Rufus and I scurried back to the warmth of home. 

We have played cars, traffic jams, basket boats, and tea parties with Elk & Mummy Bear.

The sun came out {bliss}... where have you been you naughty stranger?

Ru & I bathed in the sunbeams, lying on the rug for a cuddle.

Sun, please stick around for a while... we all need your golden happiness.



Yesterday was a good day.  Spent with great friends, playing, eating, climbing logs in the sunshine.  The boys loved climbing on, in, sliding and trains on a fallen oak tree at the Ashton Court Estate.  Simple pleasures.  The glorious sunshine helps.

It's Charlie's 5th Birthday today!


Where have those years gone?

He has gone to school with 32 'Space Cakes' as he is a bit of a space geek! 
He went in half an hour late as I couldn't get him away from his new bike! 
To be greeted by his good friend Lucy and a birthday hug.. {sweet}.  And a cuddle from Miss Patel his teacher.

Right better get on with organising a party....

Have a good day.

Lions, Roses & Sunshine

Another sun drenched Sunday!  How lucky are we?

Don't want to jinx the weather oh no!  Please not cold, not yet  This autumn is far too beautiful to give up just yet!

A morning was spent at Ashton Court Estate.

Yes, a lion came along for a ride...

The rose garden was still in full bloom, even though we had our first frost last night.

I think this has to be my favourite rose in the whole garden.  It smells wonderful too.

I have, for the past 5 years, been wanting to paint the front of our house.  At the moment it is ugly brown pebble dash, with green peeling paint on the windows (sounds divine, doesn't it?!) 

Every time I come into the Rose Garden at Ashton Court Estate, I start to dream about painting the front white and have pale blue/grey windows and front door.  Then I will grow a pink rose like this up the front.  If only I knew it's name!

Yes I have a thing for yellow!

I hope you all enjoyed the sun this weekend.

Here's to another sunny week (please).