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The best part of the day..

The best part of the day for me (other than seeing my boys smiling face in the playground at pick up)... is my first cup of tea upon waking.

I love tea.

I love the ritual.

The boiling of the water, the wait, the steam billowing up in the morning sunshine, the selection of your favourite mug, choosing which tea to have, the pour of the water, the timed brew, the sip...

ah ... that first sip.  It's bliss isn't it?

Nothing beats the relaxing therapy of tea... many a catastrophe, conversation, or story has been told over a good old cuppa.  My favourite all time favourite tipple is green tea.  I adore it.  High in anti-oxidants, good for my health and my skin.  It tastes so good, I dive in with every sip - it's comforting to me.

Just recently, I have tried fruit teas and herbal teas - with my attempt to live a more calmer, cleaner life.  One that is fuelled by my own energy and not relying on caffeine to help me get through!

Twinings have a wonderful range of herbal and fruit teas.  At the moment I am drinking their Morning Detox tea... a mix of Milk Thistle, tangy lemon rind, honey scented lime flowers and zesty lemon verbena.  It's bright and refreshing.  A perfect morning wake up.

What tea do you drink?
Are you tea bag dunker or a loose leaf tea potter?

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back in stock and in time for tea!

My black teapot, yellow teapot and matching cups are back in stock!
Perfect gifts for yourself this Christmas - go on, you deserve it!
And I know just the place to buy your loose leaf tea their Pouchong Green Tea! YUM.
So... yes back in my Bigcartel and Etsy shops.


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Yes lovely people - Christmas is coming early!

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to do some photography work for Canton Tea Co.  Which was such a lovely treat.  Beautiful products, teaware and of course the most delicious tea!

Who doesn't love a cup of good tea?

As a little thank you to me and to Littlegreenshed's followers, they are giving us a wonderful giveaway.

Firstly, let me tell you a bit about Canton:

Canton Tea Co is a British tea company trading in high grade, whole leaf Chinese tea. We have exclusive access to some of the best jasmine, white, green, oolong, black and authentic puerh teas available. In our first year, we scooped Six Golds at the 2009 Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards. Our Jasmine Pearls won the top three star gold award, endorsing it as the best available in the UK.

Please read more about them over here - about their story and the farms where the tea is sourced from.

So... here is the best bit, the give away.

Canton Tea Co would like to give away the following items to one littlegreenshed follower...

A round glass teapot (pictured above)
2 x Pheonix & Chrysanthemum cups (pictured above)
Mixed flowering gift box (pictured above)
Pouchong & Mint Tea 50g gift box
And a selection of tea samples

All you have to do is for 3 chances to win:

1. Comment here below.
2. Like Canton Tea Co's facebook page - they are having more give aways there too!
3. Mention this giveaway on your own blog, facebook page or on twitter.

(if you do mention this give away and like their page please comment total 3 times here).

Whilst you are there you could like my facebook page too!

Give away will be drawn on Friday 9th December  - offer is open to International followers too!

Also.... Canton Tea are giving me and YOU 15% off all orders at the moment with this code: LITTLEGREEN15, just put the code in at the checkout for 15% off your order.

Good luck - I can personally say I LOVE their pouchong green tea total yum.. spesh in my Marimekko teapot! ;-)

Look what I've been doing today....

Today I have been photographing Yixing teapots.
Cute aren't they?
I've been helping Dan to photograph these new products for Canton's website.
I am so worried I will drop one, so perfect and delicate, each one is hand crafted in China by small artisan potters, each are inspired by nature.  The top one above resembles a squash.
Perfect for drinking traditional green tea.
Speaking of which I need a cuppa!

time for tea...

Stopping for a break.
Mint tea in my new favourite cup and tea pot.
A spot of reading material too.
Lovely birthday gifts.
Happy days!


I have a new love.

Green Tea has always been my beverage of choice, but I used to buy Sainsbury's own fairtrade green tea.  Then I discovered this delicious tea.  It's how tea should taste.

I am in heaven.. goodbye sainsbury tea my taste buds are moving up in the world!

What's your tea / coffee of choice, I am open to new ideas.