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Swallows and Amazons at the Bristol Old Vic - review...

Last Thursday evening we took the boys to see Swallows and Amazons at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre.  Each year we love to see a Christmas production, and this was the first time we had taken the boys to see something in the main theatre at the old vic.

Wow, what can I say?  Swallows and Amazons is truly an epic adventure.  The set, was initially sparsely decorated with a few boxes and a small orchestra set up.  As the story was told, it transformed to sailing the high seas, to island camps and pirate shanty's.

Completely absorbed in the well know story by Arthur Ransome,  I kept looking over to Charlie and Rufus to see their reaction.  Rufus sitting far forward into his seat as if to jump up and join in.  He whispered, "Mummy, that lady is from 'Grampa in my Pocket on the TV'".  Charlie asked if I could make him a feather headdress like the Amazon's and said he'd join their crew.

Swallow and Amazons is perfect, the much loved story has been adapted in such a way that old and young alike will love it.   

The dream sequence is just magical.  Oh and don't forget to attack!

I urge you to go this Christmas.  For more information and tickets pop over to the The Bristol Old Vic website.

Images by Simon Annand.
We were gifted tickets for the purpose of this review.

The Little Match Girl at the Wardrobe Theatre...

The perfect show for children to see at Christmas must have adventure, humour and a generous dusting of magic and sparkle.  The Little Match Girl at The Wardrobe Theatre here in Bristol has just that.  We were all immediately captivated with the charm of the wind blowing, the beautiful set and the special magical touches (I won't go into it all, you simply must see for yourself!).

The Little Match Girl has been modernised by a newly formed company called Dot & Ethel (one of which, Harriet de Winton, is a lovely friend of mine).  The story tells of a young girl who is eager to find what she is missing as she heads out into the cold in search for her Granny. The hostility of the seasonal shoppers, in search for their next bargain, leaves her lost, alone and frightened until she has a brilliant idea of striking a match. With each strike she is taken out of the cold and into another world. 

Dot & Ethel (aka Harriet and Heidi)
Simply and cleverly told, that even the youngest of the audience were left spellbound by the magic.  I loved the set, papercuts into blinds depicting a series of adventures. Viking long boats, walking boots, snow flakes and windmills.  The cast of two were set for an exploration with 'sturdy walking boots with a touch of glam' and Nordic snowflake bobble hats.

The Wardrobe Theatre (undressed)
The Wardrobe Theatre is a sweetest and intimate of venues.  So small that you can reach out and touch the performers as they walk amongst the audience.  Fully engaging with the children with the use of balloons and lights.

So if you are in need of some Christmas magic, you and your little one will LOVE The Little Match Girl.  I came away with a warm glow and slight tear in my eye.  Beautiful!!!

For more information please have a look here.
Email for tickets
The show runs until Sunday 22nd December - be quick!

The last voyage of Sinbad the Sailor..

Christmas and a trip to the Theatre go hand in hand.  We always go, every year. To me, it is an important part of the Christmas magic.  Mulled wine, Christmas markets, a Christmas show and hopefully snow... 

Last Thursday evening we were thrown into the depths of the Ocean and went along for the ride with Sinbad the Sailor.  Stepping into the Tobacco Factory Theatre, we knew we were in for a treat.  A large Shark hung from the ceiling of the stairwell, and in the Theatre bar the walls and ceilings was draped with nets, and fishing buoys.  Even the Christmas tree was covered in fishing floats, rather than baubles.  The details were wonderful.

Sitting in the newly seated theatre, the set was transformed to a large ship, hammocks hung from the poles, with floats, buoys and nets everywhere.  We were sooo excited.

The story involved a cast of 4 sailors, 2 musicians and Sinbad himself.  The seven voyages of Sinbad were seemlessly threaded through, and we were soon swept along with the story of it all.

The boys loved the music, the singing and crazy dancing. I love the wedding scene and the lit up umbrellas.  It was a tale of bravery, magic, sea monsters and love.

Pitched at 6 years + it was just right.  Without patronising the children in any way, certain parts were a little spooky, but the boys LOVED every bit of it.

If you are looking for an alternative to the Panto, then The Last Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor is a must!

Thank you Tobacco Factory Theatre for a wonderful night.  It was perfect.

We were gifted tickets to see the performance.

Hey diddle diddle..

Christmas and a trip to the theatre go hand in hand.  As a family we always try to go.  To me, it is an important part of the Christmas magic.  This and maybe a sprinkling of snow!

A few weeks ago, in the heady excitement in the run to Christmas, I took the boys to see a spellbinding performance of Hey Diddle Diddle at the Bristol Old Vic theatre.  Written for younger audiences aged 3-6 years, the show is performed by just three actors - each one playing an instrument, acting and singing to bring the story to life. Popular nursery rhymes blended seamlessly to bring together a quite enchanting tale.

I thought Charlie would be a little too old for this style of performance, but he soon became swept along with the magic of each story, singing loudly to The Grand Old Duke of York and snarling to show his wolf like teeth!

Rufus' only words throughout was 'that's really cool' when the youngest child/actor climbed up into the fabric and hung from the ceiling as a spider.

As I no longer have toddlers, we don't seem to sing nursery rhymes much. I love to recall them and remember singing Twinkle Twinkle to my boys.  My favourite part of the play was the Owl and the Pussycat - I must get myself a fur coat!

Hey Diddle Diddle is on at the Bristol Old Vic until Jan 5th.
Do go along it is pure magic.

this is a gifted post.

The Elves and the Shoemaker

After all the 'Elving' we have been doing here at home... we took a break and went to see some other kind of Elves.

We are lucky enough to have the Tobacco Factory Theatre just down the road from us, and this year for the panto they put on a charming production of the Elves and the Shoemaker.

Such a magical show.  Really clever the use of puppetry to portray the Elves.  Colourful, funny and utterly magical.

We laughed, ooh and ahhed, gasped and thoroughly loved the whole performance.

Just long enough for little people to still be enthralled without becoming too bored.

We went with our lovely friends, and I hope this will become a tradition for future Christmases.

If you are in the local area, I would recommend you to go.

I feel so Christmasy now!