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Today we having been hanging out at home.
Doing little jobs... cleaning the car, mountains of laundry etc
I've quite enjoyed it.
On my way back from saying goodbye to Tree and Books yesterday, I stopped off at my local furniture junk shop.. (if you are in Bristol and know where I mean, there are some great treasures in there at the moment!).
I found this chair!
I love it. I don't think it's designer or teak or something special, but I love it's shape and the back rest.
I've given it a good clean today as it was covered in sticky stuff - ergh!
And it looks right at home now.
I just need 3 others to make the look complete.
Hope you guys are enjoying your Sunday... I am now off to the park for a run around.

junk shop hunting

Look what I found loitering in the junk shop.
Look at those gorgeous legs and the inlay on the drawers.
It fits in perfectly on the landing opposite the stairs to our attic room.
A chance for me to show off our newly painted floors {please ignore the skirting boards, we haven't quite finished!}
I am delighted with my mid century purchase.... and the best bit?  It was £20!!!

oooo I love a bargain me!

Thrift Shop Finds

I am very lucky to work on a street in Bristol which has 5 charity shops on it.  During my lunch half hour I quickly scan the shops for interesting vintage bargains.  It is very much a hit an miss affair.

But recently I have found some lovely items to add to my kitchen. 

The lovely vintage plates I thought would make a great wall display, but we have been using them to eat our supper off, which I think is a much nicer way of using them.

I have always wanted one of these hen egg baskets.  I have found many brown ones and dark green, but thought these colours were too dark in my white kitchen.  Then luckily I spied this lovely little one!  Yay!  The boys love it and demand boiled eggs daily.

These vintage utensils remind me of my mum.  She used to have identical ones to these when I was a child.  They were part of a wedding present, but sadly due to wear and tear they broke and were thrown out.  My mum was amazed at the condition of these.

Lastly, this gorgeous vintage linen tablecloth with beautiful hand embroidered flowers.  I don't know if I will use this as a tablecloth or whether to cut it up and turn it into cushion covers.  I am sure I will find a use.  It is very gorgeous.

So next Monday lunchtime, you know where I will be!