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The last voyage of Sinbad the Sailor..

Christmas and a trip to the Theatre go hand in hand.  We always go, every year. To me, it is an important part of the Christmas magic.  Mulled wine, Christmas markets, a Christmas show and hopefully snow... 

Last Thursday evening we were thrown into the depths of the Ocean and went along for the ride with Sinbad the Sailor.  Stepping into the Tobacco Factory Theatre, we knew we were in for a treat.  A large Shark hung from the ceiling of the stairwell, and in the Theatre bar the walls and ceilings was draped with nets, and fishing buoys.  Even the Christmas tree was covered in fishing floats, rather than baubles.  The details were wonderful.

Sitting in the newly seated theatre, the set was transformed to a large ship, hammocks hung from the poles, with floats, buoys and nets everywhere.  We were sooo excited.

The story involved a cast of 4 sailors, 2 musicians and Sinbad himself.  The seven voyages of Sinbad were seemlessly threaded through, and we were soon swept along with the story of it all.

The boys loved the music, the singing and crazy dancing. I love the wedding scene and the lit up umbrellas.  It was a tale of bravery, magic, sea monsters and love.

Pitched at 6 years + it was just right.  Without patronising the children in any way, certain parts were a little spooky, but the boys LOVED every bit of it.

If you are looking for an alternative to the Panto, then The Last Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor is a must!

Thank you Tobacco Factory Theatre for a wonderful night.  It was perfect.

We were gifted tickets to see the performance.

South Bristol Arts Trail 2010

This weekend my local area in Bristol has been hosting it's annual arts trail.  Local artists and creative types open the doors to their homes and show off their hard work...

I love this weekend, a chance to find new gems for my home, talk to local's, meet friends and best of all - NOSEY AROUND PEOPLE'S HOMES!!!!  Yes I know,the arts trail is a must if you are truely nosy like me!

In previous years the weather has been glorious, hot and sunny.  Walking from event to event was great... this year the weather is horrible.  So cold, today I have worn my winter coat!  God I have to stop moaning about the cold...

Anyway, this year I only made it to the Tobacco Factory (a great local cafe/theatre/arts hub), where they had stalls of artists in the theatre and in the carpark where a farmers market is held every sunday.

Such gorgeous items on sale, oh how I wish I won the lottery last night, ho hum..

Fair Trade baskets

Vintage Plates and Tea Cups

Recycled lampshades using vintage fabrics
Oh such great ideas.  Such as these wonderful recycled lampshades.  I spoke to Amy of Cox & Baloney's Vintage Boutique and asked if it was difficult, as I have several ugly ikea lampshade's which I would love to upcycle.  Well, she reckons it's easy, just take off the fabric, leaving the protective plastic fabric on and then glue gun the new (vintage) fabric in place, then add some lace or beaded trim.  Yippee, I am so gonna give it a go.

In the cafe area there was a kids painting wall, as you can see Rufus' loved being let loose...

Yes, everyone do!!!

So a great morning out, now I'm off to find that tatty old lampshade and to give it the Lou treatment, wish me luck!