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Birthday wishes...

My Birthday Wishlist

Oh yes it's July!  Only 4 days until my birthday... a summer babe.  (although it does usually rain on my birthday).
Just in case you don't know what you can get me, I've made a little wish list.  There you go - easy. :)  (wishes really really hard!).

This year it isn't special in fact once you hit a certain age birthdays are a drag, oh yeah another year older!  But this Friday I am spending the day with Dan, the two of us are going to indulge in some good food and lots of together time.  In the evening drinks and fun with friends.  Oh and supper with cake with my gorgeous boys.  Birthdays are actually good fun.

In other news, it's the 1st July and my July Loves List is up and over on the right... go have a look around and find some lovely new things or stuff I am really into at the moment (Marcus M, swoon!). Can I add him to my wishlist? hmmmmm

Spring Look Book - a clothing update.

Wardrobe wish list

Hi there!
I just want to start with a huge THANK YOU to all of you who left such wonderful and helpful comments on my last post.  It seems I am not alone in my desperate plea of finding affordable and on-rend clothes that suit women of a certain age, who still want to look cool, colourful, unique and stylish.  

Some of the suggestions were:

White Stuff
&Other Stories

We seem to all have very similar tastes.

I was contacted by Niki a personal stylist.  Niki kindly emailed me out of the blue with a look book which she pulled together on Polyvore using the wish list on my previous post.  She came up with the look book above.

Pretty good eh?  Isn't she kind?

Niki offers her services as a personal stylist and is going to start a new feature on her blog - Hip Shapes and Bristol Fashion - where members of the public can email her their 'wish list' and she will pull together a look book for you, like she did for me.  Go do it!

I thought this looked like fun, so I had a go.  Polyvore, where have you been all my life!!!  
So what do you think?  To be honest there as so many different versions of this style out there that I could do a different one every single day.
Spring Look Book

Spring Look Book by lou-archell 

Why not have a go too.  Have a look at my Clothes Inspiration Pinboard on Pinterest for more cool looks.

Spring finds...

I cannot wait for Spring!  I've had fresh flowers in the house weekly since mid January... needing their sunny colours to brighten a grey cold day.  Recently I've been looking at chalky pastel hues in home wares, minty greens, pops of pinks, sunny yellows, echoing the spring blooms and new leaves that I crave.  Remember my post of yesterday, that pink vase!

You might remember last year I took part in the Most Wanted Autumn Home Styling Challenge, when I found cosy home wares for under £80. You can see my Autumn ideas here.  Well, VoucherCodes have once again asked me to come up with ideas for updating your home for Spring.. 

What is more Spring like than pastel shades.  I've had my eye on that Moose Coat Hanger for a while.. it's pretty special!
I hope you like it!

1. Black Dot Tea Towel by Oelwein via Etsy, 2. Pink Eames Eiffel Chair via Ebay, 3. Aerial Pendent Lamp, Habitat, 4. Grey Apple Cushion by Studio Meeze via Etsy, 5. Moose on the Loose by All Lovely Stuff, 6. Abstract Art Circles 3 Print by Ammiki via Etsy, 7. Stripe Hamman Towel by Toast, 8. Circus Triangle Cushion by Butterscotch and Beestings vis Etsy, 9. Cloud Cutting Board by Snug.

Etsy love...
















The snow is slowly melting here lovely friends.  Outside there is a steady drip, drip as the snow is defrosting from the roof.
I have a poorly Rufus home with me at the moment.  He is currently snuggled under a blanket on the sofa, eating an apple, wearing his fluffy bear slippers.  During the day he is ok, it's the night when his temperature rages, and he talks non-sense.  It's is so sad seeing him feeling unwell.  I hope this bug doesn't go to his ears again.. it always does.  Ah well... a few days of cuddles and drawing will see him right.

So whilst, he was watching a Ninjago Lego Dvd, I had a chance to make a little treasury of pretties for you.  If you click on each image above it should take you to the Etsy shop. A little monochrome treasury of  loveliness.
Have a great day!

Shop love - From my bear hands

Hello lovely people!
Every Tuesday I am lucky enough to work in Paper Scissors Stone Volume 4 - an artists temporium here in Bristol. You might remember I mentioned it here.
So each Tuesday I leave my 2 boys behind and scurry over to the most beautiful of shops... I really do love being there.  Gorgeous artwork, ceramics, jewellery and clothing - fill the shops shelves.  The best artists, makers and creatives that Bristol has to offer.  It really is a shoppers heaven.
On a Tuesday afternoon I am joined by the lovely Sally Haysom who illustrates and makes the most beautiful jewellery.  You can see some of my favourite pieces above.
Lovely aren't they?
You don't have to live in Bristol to buy Sally's work she has an Etsy shop too!  Go see.
If you'd like to pop along to Paper Scissors Stone - we are open every day from 10am-6pm - this Volume will end on 25th November. The shop is in Quakers Friars (Near Cabot Circus), next door to Howkapow!
Come and see us.

Tuesday Treasury...

Blue Finel ENamel Kettle

1970s Icelandic Wool Sweater...

CARDHOLDER 01 / caramel ivor...

Mens blue and orange striped...

Casual Knit and Crochet Clot...

Geometric Stacked Rings - Vi...

Big Game lion broach

Bat original lino print

handmade plush red fox, Liam

INFINITY SCARF - Screen Prin...

Brown Retro Coat for Girls.

Granny Square Baby Blanket ...

Geometric Painted Stone - Ha...

Dress or Tunic - My Garden -...

Womens pullover - SMALL - fa...

panda coffee cups

How are you this Tuesday?  Good?
Today is my first shift at Paper Scissors Stone - the artist temporium here in Bristol.  I am super excited about being in there.  I hope I can sell lots of lovely local artwork and jewellery for everyone!  If you are in Brizzle please pop in and say hi, bring your wallet! :) xx

Today I am back with an Etsy treasury - it's been a while since I've done one.  Yes it's an autumnal snuggle fest! That is how I am feeling at the moment.  (Sorry to you southern beauties who are just coming into Spring!).

Have a wonderful Tuesday, lovely friends!