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my new love..

About a week or so a go, during my lunch break, I was doing my usual trawl of the charity shops... when I spied in the corner on the floor a little taupe coloured case.

I opened it up to find this Triumph Tippa portable typewriter, from the 1960's in prestine condition!


My heart did a little leap.  The price tag was £15, and I managed to barter the lady down to £10... I felt so lucky!

It now sits pride of place on my sideboard.

We love to type little notes to each other.... such as 'remember to do the recycling' or 'you look hot'.

Yesterday evening I caught Charlie typing out his & Ru's name... who know's this mid-century gem will be helping with his reading and writing.

Hornsea Heirloom

This morning we went to Cheddar to the Vintage/Car Boot Market.

A vast undercovered area selling mainly tat, old toys, revolting rugs, out of date chocolate, and meat by the ton!

But, if you look beyond the rubbish you might just spy some pretty lace fabric, crochet blankets, pretty tea cups, and vintage jewellery.

Today I found these wonderful 1970's Hornsea Heirloom pieces.

I love the colour, the fabulous graphic print and the teak lid.

For two I paid £10, and they are looking lovely on my kitchen shelf alongside my coffee pot.

I think I might start a collection of these wonderful items... and some day mass something a little like this!

Image via Roddy & Ginger


Thrift Shop Finds

I am very lucky to work on a street in Bristol which has 5 charity shops on it.  During my lunch half hour I quickly scan the shops for interesting vintage bargains.  It is very much a hit an miss affair.

But recently I have found some lovely items to add to my kitchen. 

The lovely vintage plates I thought would make a great wall display, but we have been using them to eat our supper off, which I think is a much nicer way of using them.

I have always wanted one of these hen egg baskets.  I have found many brown ones and dark green, but thought these colours were too dark in my white kitchen.  Then luckily I spied this lovely little one!  Yay!  The boys love it and demand boiled eggs daily.

These vintage utensils remind me of my mum.  She used to have identical ones to these when I was a child.  They were part of a wedding present, but sadly due to wear and tear they broke and were thrown out.  My mum was amazed at the condition of these.

Lastly, this gorgeous vintage linen tablecloth with beautiful hand embroidered flowers.  I don't know if I will use this as a tablecloth or whether to cut it up and turn it into cushion covers.  I am sure I will find a use.  It is very gorgeous.

So next Monday lunchtime, you know where I will be!


Vintage Wallpaper

Wallpapaper from funkywalls in Belgium.
We have been doing a little DIY at home this past week.  The stairs up to our attic bedroom for the past 3 years has been ripped wallpaper and bare wooden stairs.  We have recently stripped the wallpaper off to reveal unplastered walls!  The people before us who did the attic conversion didn't bother to plaster it. 

So, we have no clue how to do this, or the money to pay someone.  So we wallpapered it with thick lining paper to paint white this week.

The stars we will also paint white.

At the top of the stairs Dan has made a wardrobe under the eaves. At the moment the doors are untreated plywood.  Sooo here is my dilema.  With everything else white, I am thinking of wallpapering the wardrobe doors in original 1960's or 1970's wallpaper. 

I have been following this beautiful blog, smilerynker, and have fallen for her use of colour and pattern, it's a crazy mix, but looks so happy and fun.

Any help on what to choose?


Vintage Wallpaper

A few months ago my mother in law gave me a book of wallpaper samples which she has kept (she is a brilliant thrifter) since the 70s.  She doesn't know where the book of samples came from and she thinks there were old when she acquired them.

So I happily took them off her hands, knowing I would find a great project for them.

So last night I set to making some paper bunting, using my pinking shears and some green wool (would have preferred string, but didn't have any).

I cut off the corners of the samples, making cute little triangles and using Pritstick (not the best glue in the world), I turned over the top of the triangle and glued the wool into the crease. Then cut of the corners where they stuck out.

Cut and glue, cut and glue, voila!  A cute little vintage paper bunting.

Skip diving

Gorgeous 1940's glass

My journeys to and from school are taking me past a house which has been completely gutted and slowly been brung back to life.  Outside there has been a skip which is being gradually filled with rubble, old carpets and the usual rubbish which comes out of a house renovation.

Only the other day I spied several vintage looking suitcases which had been piled on top... well my thrifty juices started flowing.  I have always wanted a vintage suitcase for the top of my chest of drawers in the landing. 

So on the way back from picking up Charlie from pre-school I had the opportunity for a good rummage.  I opened one suitcase and inside wrapped in newspaper were 4 of these beautiful pixie glasses, what a find!

The newspaper they were wrapped in was dated 15th November 1952, so they could be 1950's or 1940's... either way they are old, VINTAGE!.  The suitcases, unfortunately were to battered to rescue, but I am so happy with lovely skip treasure.  Being the good friend, I gave 2 of these glasses to my friend Holly who was with me, and kept the others, along with a smaller glass similar to this with a mallard duck on it.

It is now filled with blue forget-me-knots from my garden and is pride of place on my mantelpiece.