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we shall be...

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It has rained pretty much all day.. the sun is trying to break through, but I fear that the rain is here to stay, for today.  When it rains, songs with 'rain' lyrics always pop into my head, on an unconscious loop, why is that?  'I'm only happy when it rains' and 'Here comes the rain again'.  I don't listen to these songs at home - it's like the rain jogs a memory or something.

Anyhow... mumbling on.

Tomorrow Dan is off to spoon carving workshop in the woods. (I hope it's sunny for him).  The workshop is run by EJ Osborne of Hatchet + Bear - one of my sponsors.  Dan couldn't be more excited!  Sitting in the woods all day carving wood.  He will be in his natural element.  I am looking forward to using the fruits of his days labour in the kitchen too.  If you fancy trying your hand a spoon carving, EJ is holding several more workshop dates, please check out her website.

Whilst Dan is in the woods tomorrow, the boys and I are going to the Project Wild Thing picnic, as part of the WILD SUMMER campaign.  A chance for us to try out some of the tools and toolkits that Project Wild Thing have created.  It looks like a fun day.

On Sunday I'm off to Exeter to meet up with some chums.  Looking forward to a day mooching around the shops and drinking nice coffee.

So that's us, whatever you are up to this weekend, have a lovely one!

this weekend...

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This week flew by!  I really was expecting it to drag, being the first week back after half term. But gladly the sun has shone, lifting spirits and allowing me to forge ahead with projects.  Today is the last day of February!  HOORAY!  I am glad you are gone for another year.  Spring is just around the corner, the light is brighter, the air is thin and the birds are singing again.

This weekend we are planning some more DIY.  February 'got' Dan and I in a bad way.  No spark of creativity could be found. The tools of renovating the bathroom are still lying on the landing floor, been there since mid Jan.  Neither of us could bring ourselves to finish the job.  So tomorrow, we are back, with gusto!

This weekend we shall be...

* making a sour dough loaf for the #52loavesproject (will you join us in baking some bread?)
* painting the landing floor in a darkish grey colour
* Listening to this - it's on repeat at the moment
* exercise! Yep get back on that fitness horse.
* On Sunday we are all off to Frome for the Super Market - it's the first of 2014 and set to be awesome.

So what are you up to?
Have a lovely weekend.

this weekend...

It has been a long old week for me.  Running around, ferrying my kids to something or other. Doctors appointments.  Checking in with family.  Exercising (more about this another time).  I am cream crackered!  You know when the alarm goes off in the morning and just for a second you race through your mind thinking, is it Saturday?  Only to find it isn't.  Yes, it's happened to me every day this week.  Ah well, tomorrow is Saturday! YEAH!

This weekend...
* I am off on a trip to London to see some lovely friends.  Shopping, eating and chatting - more on this later.
* Visiting Lambs Conduit and a shop in this store.
* Sunday - wild time.  Hopefully hanging with some blogging babes in the woods.

Two days of contrast.  I can't wait to get back to London, it's been too long.
Have a great weekend!
Don't forget to enter the Paper & Clay giveaway - ends Saturday at Midnight.

this weekend...

Ah the weekend is here!  It's been one long week.  I woke up on Wednesday morning and thought it was Saturday, yes it's been that long.  phew!  I'm sorry I haven't blogged much this week. I've been busy with a blog design, which has been a long drawn out process, plus I had another cold.. boo!  I shall be back next week, blogging more often hopefully!

This image is of my new plant.  I've always wanted a Mother in laws tongue, it's pretty special.  So once the Christmas tree was down, this lovely little plant took it's place.  It helps the room from feeling so bare.

This weekend is a special one, we are starting birthday celebrations for Charlie.  He turns 8!  8!  Wow, 8 years a mother to this lovely kind soul.  He is really such a wonderful boy, and yes I can say that I am his mother! ;)

So this weekend we are:

* Guitar lessons
* Lunch with family to celebrate his birthday
* Painting the landing
* Tax return - urgh!
* Dan's turn to make a loaf this weekend for the #52loavesproject  (more info on the project here)
* A walk somewhere, hopefully the sun will shine!

Enjoy your weekend!

This weekend...

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Well, that wasn't so bad.  The dreaded first week back to normality after the Christmas fun and games.  Really it wasn't.  I hope it was good for you all?

This week I have been drinking endless cups of detox tea, sorting the house out after the decorations came down, enjoying the sunshine, lunch with friends and using the time to exercise and look after myself.  It has been lovely.  I am thinking of starting running again, I've long felt the urge to go off for a run on my own.  Perhaps this is the right time.  I've got the gear, I just need to go!!  Do you run? Did you use an app to help?

This weekend we are still continuing with bathroom / landing renovation.  Slow going.  Hopefully the skirting boards will be on, and the strips of wood to seal the floor boards will be in and we can crack on with some sanding and painting.  Fingers crossed!

So this weekend we/I are doing:

* Baking loaf number 2 in our #52loavesproject. I am so thrilled so many of you are taking up our challenge.  I am loving seeing all the twitter and IG pics.  Hurrah!  Let's keep going.  This week it's Rufus' turn.  We are doing another simple white cob, trying to perfect that one first.
* Marmalade making.  I bought some Seville oranges yesterday.  Yum!
* Helping Dan with the bathroom
* Bike ride in the woods
* Go for a run (don't hold me to this, I hope I will)
* Family time...

Have a lovely weekend all!
And do join us in baking a loaf.  Don't forget to use the #52loavesproject so we can find you!

This weekend...

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The storm has thankfully passed by us, for now.  I've just watched the news, last nights high tide mixed with strong winds and driving rain has left parts of the UK flooded.  Waves reaching 10ft in Cornwall. I would have loved to have seen that, but not seen the flooding of people's homes - so sad.

It looks like this weekend we are due some more of this weather... I for one will be staying home as much as I can.  Can't do windy wet... 

So this weekend I/we shall be....

* Painting the bathroom - yep renovation is under way, so exciting!
* Take down the tree, packing up decorations, and giving the house a good clean.
* Playing board games - the boys got Game of Life (adventurers) for Christmas, we love it!
* Trying a few recipes from my new cook book
* Celebrating my lovely friends birthday with cocktails
* Finding a home for my new house plant, lets hope I don't kill it
* Reading, reading, reading with the boys
* Sending thank you cards.

A quiet, home based weekend.
Have a great one...

This weekend...

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So that was the week of stress!  Blimey.  We have had illness, days spent watching Christmas films with Rufus, finishing many freelance work deadlines, re-sealing and grouting the bath into the wee hours  (started leaking into the dining room below, great!), buying last minute gifts, supermarket food run, millions of orders to go out, helping serve the school Christmas dinner, decorating the home, cleaning... and the list goes on.

At one point I was ready to give up.  Throw my hands to the air and shout obscenities, (I did that, a lot).  But, now it's Friday, most of the things I've needed to do have been done.  I have a full fridge, plenty of wine and presents to wrap.  

Nearly there.

It does make me think though - what is the point of it all. Just for a few days.  Really?  But the magic and wonder in my kids faces will make it worth it.  We do it for the kids after all.

So this weekend I / we will be....

* wrapping, and more wrapping
* having a Christmas craft party here for the boys friends.  We are making these and these.
* Friends round for drinks - I will be drinking this
* Dan is having his works Christmas dinner
* icing my cake, it will hopefully look like the one above.  (fingers crossed)
* the boys are off to the Panto with my parents
* a day to potter, have lunch with Dan (and his hangover)
* hoping to make it to see this before Christmas - doubt I'll have time.
* CHILLING, eating and drinking mainly!

I hope you are ready, stress free and happy!
Enjoy your weekend.

This weekend...

Image via here
Whoooo!  It's Friday... yeah.  This week has been long!  Lots of deadlines to meet before Christmas, work, school nativity - it's been FULL ON!  Next week is even busier - eeek!

Tomorrow is Dan's birthday, I do feel a little sorry for him having it right in the middle of the manic Christmas festivities.  I will try my best to make it special for him though.  Make a cake, take him out for dinner.  In the New Year, we are planning something special - just when we need it, to take away the January blues.

Also this weekend I am meeting my lovely bloggy friends for a pre-Christmas shop, chat and lunch.  It's my neck of the woods this year, I've laid on something special which I can't wait to share with you.  Here's what we did last year.

This weekend you will find us/me...

* Decorating the Christmas tree.  (we bought it last weekend, tomorrow it will be made pretty!)
* Rufus is going to a monster party - the incredible hulk is what he's requested - green paint it is then!
* Going to the Theatre to see Little Match Girl - tickets are flying out the door, so book fast!
* Boys are on a sleep over to my parents - yay!
* Dan and I are going here for dinner.
* Sunday, spent with lovely ladies.  Making something special for Christmas.

So that's our weekend.  Hope you don't get too stressed with the Christmas prep.  Enjoy your days!

this weekend...

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I am so so glad it is Friday.  I don't know about you, but I am super tired.  Lots of fun, late nights and drinking has left me one pooped gal.  Sadly, there is no rest for the wicked... this weekend we have a lot to squeeze in!  As always with the run up to Christmas, there are things to buy, people to see, stuff to do.

So, this weekend I/we are....

* Chopping down our Christmas tree! YAY! (although the decorating will have to wait til following weekend)
* Going to the school's Christmas Fair
* Taking part in the local Lantern Parade - Charlie's class have all made a beautiful willow and tissue paper lantern each (with a little help from me).
* Making my cake (yeah, still NOT made that yet) - I'm planning on the Nigella one, which doesn't need time to mature.  Good ole Nigella. #teamnigella.  (watch the clip, it will make you Christmasy!).
* Meeting Father Christmas!  I can't wait.  On Sunday morning we are joining a cycle ride, c/o Sustrans, to meet Santa.  More details here.
* Celebrating a family birthday with Dan's side - lots of cake!

I also need to schedule in some 'me' time.  To relax.  A few early nights, and eating better would help.  Toast isn't the best fuel. 

So, whatever you have planned, do have a lovely weekend!

This weekend...

Winter #Christmas fireplace at Lou's home -

We have wood in the house!  Phew, I was getting a mild panic on, no wood in December?  SHOCK!  But we got some yesterday - so all is well with me (don't have any Christmas gifts or food in the house) but at least my fireplace looks pretty!  I will burn all this don't you worry, it's not there just for a photo opportunity. :)

Looks good no?  Excuse the messy corner - that's the boys craft area and where the poor fish live.  I can't live in a show home, this is real life!  And yes Fran I am a little obsessed about log piles.  WARMTH! 

Come Saturday night, this mantle will be changed to display the Advent Calendar (which I am still fiddling with today! - why do I set myself these tasks?).  The boys are already uber excited about it.  I shall reveal all next week.

So this weekend I / we shall be...

* Making the advent calendar (all night probably!)
* Shopping at the Made in Bristol Gift Fair
* Going to our local Christmas Market, our high street closes, and dancing to my friends band - Medicine Creek.
* Cooking and eating this
* Christmas shopping for FC (shhhhh)
* Celebrating a family members 60th - a chance to catch up with all of Dan's side of the family
* Burning some of that wood!

Have a wonderful weekend!

This weekend...

Fireside & kinfolk - winter christmas
Image via here
It's got a bit nippy round here.  As I sit here with my double jumper layered with a scarf, wrist warmers and a blanket over my knees.  I refuse to turn the heating on, the prices of Gas are too scary for that.  No I shall muddle on with my blanket - it's quite cozy.  Fran has done a post about this recently go see.  Us, working from homers are all in the same boat!

So, this weekend more cold weather is on it's way.  Really does feel like Winter has finally arrived.  I refuse to let it get me blue - save that til February!  This weekend it's all about warmth and shopping.  I haven't bought a thing yet for Christmas, nor made a start on Christmas food prep.  So much still to do and not much time left to do it.... eeek!

This weekend you will find us / me...

* Gathering wood (again - we didn't manage it last weekend)
* Making my cake - yep, still need to do that
* Sampling my Damson Vodka - making adjustments to the flavour (more booze I think)
* Ru has a friends cinema party - he's very excited!
* Reading the latest issue of Oh Comely - which has just arrived on my doormat.
* Cooking this for our Sunday Roast.
* Lighting the fire - and having it on ALL day
* A walk somewhere wild to crunch leaves - finding something beautiful for #natureinthehome
* Watching Return of the Jedi with the boys.

Hope you have good plans for the weekend.  Enjoy!

you have made my day...

I am overwhelmed by the such positive, heartfelt and caring support you have all given me on my post yesterday.  Thank you!  Thank you for taking the time to tell me a little about you, the struggles you too are having in your personal lives, and how many of you have gone through the Dyslexia testing with a child.  Each of you reached out with a hand of support and thank you for being there.  I call you all a friend!

Today is a little easier now, it's good to get things off ones chest.  To talk things through (even to the mid air it seems).  I know that Charlie would be this way regardless of my working situation, it's just who he is.  But we all know what Mother's guilt is like, it will always rise up, no matter how hard you try to be rational.

He's gone to school today dressed as Santa's Little Helper for Children in Need.  Taking great delight in telling his fellow classmates that they are all on the naughty list.  Funny boy!

So, whilst breathing out. This weekend I am taking a long hard rest.  No work.  Just chilling.

This weekend you will find us / me...

* doing nothing!  Yep... no plans this week.  I am going with the flow.

Have a lovely weekend.

this weekend...

I'm still 'in recovery' from my trip to London.  It was a long day, fast paced, we did fit a lot in.  More soon.

One thing I did do was to follow my youngests son's early morning request.  'Please take a picture of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, Mummy' - still half asleep.  Rufus has learnt all about Guy Fawkes this week, because of Bonfire Night.  So I did as requested.  Tipsy on Prosecco, dashing across the road at twilight to take the shot. (it took many shots, as my eyes were very squiffy at this point!).  He was super pleased when he saw the picture - brownie points to me!

So, this weekend we are having a quiet family one.  Weather wise, it's set to be a rainy on Saturday and nice  on Sunday.  So I think, crafting, movies, cuddles and lots of food.  Then a romp somewhere wild on Sunday.

This weekend you will find us / me ....

* Having an early morning breakfast / coffee with my lovely friend
* Making and crafting with the boys. I've discovered this cool blog - great inspiration.
* Thinking about making my Christmas Cake.  Love this idea.
* Digging out the enormous box of Duplo Lego - building, cleaning and listing the lot (in individual sets) on Ebay.  - A tedious task, but worth it.
* I feel my home is stagnant. I'm thinking of having a switch around, if I move some pictures and soft furnishings it will hopefully bring energy and freshness back into the rooms.  
* Watching Star Wars on the TV.  We have watched (over the past few weeks) the first 3 (rubbish ones in my view) - tomorrow is A New Hope - Han Solo, oh yes!
* A walk on Sunday - blow away the cobwebs.  Finding treasures for next weeks #natureinthehome.

Have a lovely weekend.
What are you up too?

this weekend / half term week...

Image via Pinterest
And breathe out.....
I think most parents probably are doing this right now - a week off school, half term is here.
A week (10 days) of adventure, fun, relaxation, craft, cuddles and NO SCHOOL RUN.
Don't get me wrong, I do love having the days to myself, to work, potter, drink coffee with a friend. But, the school mornings, the remembering of kit, spelling practice, making packed lunches, reply slips, play ground politics and stroppy tantrums - I can do without!
This week - we are having smiles, good friends and laughter.

So this week you will find us:

* Learning about Atoms
* Getting our craft on 
* Learning to climb
* Digging the allotment
* Roman Day at the Museum
* Day spent with cousins
* Halloween party in the woods, followed by trick or treating
* Decorating the house - spooky
* Choosing the best pumpkin for carving
* Making these
* Spending the day with my oldest and dearest friend
* Picking sloes and making this

Lots of other things too - weather dependent!
Happy Half term - enjoy your week.

This Weekend...

image via The Sweet Light
Friday has come around again.  This week has been a mixed bag with the weather, it seems to alternate a gloomy wet one and then a bright sunny.  I can live with that, knowing a sunny day is just around the corner.  
This weekend we are at home. The boys have separate parties (at the same time - yay!) on Saturday, which means Dan and I can sneak in an hour or so to ourselves.  Possibly lunch, more likely choosing paint.  That's fun for me, torture for Dan! But mostly we are home... enjoying time together.

So, this weekend you will find us / me:

* Choosing paint
* Digging over the allotment (after much talk, Charlie has convinced us to keep the allotment, I'm secretly pleased!)
* Drinking a cocktail or two with friends
* Having family fun at the last 'Make Sunday Special' of the year
* The boys will hopefully getting their creative juices flowing at this great art workshop for kids.
* Making and eating this with friends

So a family weekend - perfect.
Enjoy yours!

This weekend...

This week has been a rather difficult one.  Something happened yesterday, which shook us as a family.  I don't want to go into it too much here.. all I can say is one persons actions really effected the balance of things for us.  We are fine, regrouping and spending time together.  Tomorrow we are visiting with both sets of Grandparents, being close to family, is what we need.

You will find us/me..
* picking nettles to feed our new pets
* conker hunting
* watching the first episode of this
* making this
* helping Rufus with his thank you cards
* having a quite celebration of our anniversary... doing what, who knows, nothing has been arranged.

Have a wonderful weekend...

Birthday boy...

So this was the scene yesterday morning. Rufus turned 6, dressed as a silvery?! Batman opening his presents.  One very happy boy. After school we had more presents and tea at a pizza restaurant. He said to me 'Does everyone know it's my birthday, am I famous?' - I suppose it does feel like that when you are 6 and everyone you know says Happy Birthday to you.

Tomorrow we are having 30 or so kids running wild in the woods.  Much like last year's Wild Woodland Rumpus.  But as superheroes this time.  I hope it will be as much fun as his last birthday.  Tonight I will be packing goodie bags and making sure we have frying pans for sausages and marshmallows for the fire.

So this weekend you will find me mostly...

* recreating this
* treating myself to this (I've been a mama to 2 boys for 6 years, I deserve it!)
* Going here - winter coat hunting
* thinking a lot about my next post for here
* making and eating this
* Inspired by this so hunting for some dahlias

Oh and I forgot to mention!  I will be contributing weekly to the Lionheart Magazine Blog whilst the Editor Hels Martin is on maternity leave.  My first post can be found here.  If you love inspiring women, beautiful plants and uber cool interiors - you will love it.

So what will you be up to this weekend?

Open studios...

Last weekend we took a short stroll from home to our local open studios at Spike Island.
Opening once a year to the public, it is a treat to wander from studio to studio and feel so inspired.
The studio collective houses a great mix of painters, sculptors, contemporary and classic art all under one roof.  Each studio a real working space, warts and all.  I loved the paint splats and the crazy objects everywhere.
The boys ran from studio to studio, shouting out 'come and see this!' - we couldn't help to find their enthusiasm infectious.  
Leaving, scooting back across the bridge to home, Rufus told me he wanted a studio to paint and draw and make a mess!
Lets hope he does.

Have a wonderful weekend...

Image via pinterest
It is like someone flicked a switch.  1st of May, and hello Summer.  These past few days have been glorious.  Days spent sitting in the garden sipping cool drinks, kids bounding around the park, dreaming of holidays and festivals with friends. I feel lighter and happier, the sun does good things to the soul.

This weekend here in the UK is a long one.  We celebrate May Day on the first Monday after.  Many friends are heading to the coast, to camp and have beach side fun.  We are pottering around the neighbourhood, taking it slow yet again.  Our friends have just opened a brand new cafe here in Bristol, so we need to pay them a visit.  A local art studio collective is having open doors this weekend, I love to potter around there, nosing in studios.  It's good to feel inspired by the creativity of others.  

Boringly, I need to tackle the boys bedroom, it has hit an all time low. Remove winter clothes and clothes that too small.  Bring out the shorts and tshirts.  Paint a couple of walls and re-organise. (get rid of toys!!). This will be monthly entry for Lottie's Project Simplify.  And do I need it!!

So whatever you are doing this weekend, have a wonderful one.
Oh and congratulations to Em on the birth of her baby daughter. Well done!! She's a beauty.

have a great weekend...

Image via Darling Magazine.
So it's Friday... hands up who is happy about the weekend?
Sun is shining through my window - although April is behaving as it should and giving us short sharp showers between bright light.  It's not as warm as it looks - but I am being brave and wearing my sandals regardless!!  (yes I do have cold toes, but pretty feet).

This weekend we are planning:
* dig some more at the allotment
* go shopping for summer clothes
* picnic with friends
* make this fruit cup recipe
* Chill it....

Yes this weekend is being spent pottering, relaxing and being a family.  We have busy few weekends coming up.. including a trip to the most awesome campsite Coldatnight and off down to Cornwall to stay at this beautiful Barn at half term.  Partying to celebrate a 40th Birthday too.  HALF TERM! Where does the time go, surely it was only Easter last week?

Whatever you are planning this weekend... enjoy.