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international womens day

So it's International Women's Day today.
What does this mean to me?

I am a 40 year old white woman.
I am a mother, a partner, a daughter, a sister and a friend.

I sometimes find it hard being a women and not just the mother part, as we all know being a mother is all consuming. I can't just switch off when they are not with me or in bed.
But today isn't mother's day it's woman's day... so who am I as a woman and not a mother?

Me - as a woman. I love to photograph, draw, walk windswept walks, cuddle in front of the fire, I love to eat chocolate, climb trees with my boys, run, I love to garden, dig in the earth, I love to hear stories from my friends, to dance, drink red wine, eat, kiss my children, hold hands with my partner, laugh with my mum, feel secure with my dad, I love to dress up, shop, giggle with friends, have my toe nails painted, new shoes!, walk in the woods, go on holiday, open a new packet of coffee, get excited about new projects, I do the house work, I am the doctor, chief cuddler and story teller, I love to travel, remember India, play lego, smell the flowers, wear socks in bed, eat toast & marmite, have a fringe, blog, buying new art for my walls, decorating my home, meeting new people.......... love life!

I would just like to thank the women that I love, who are beautiful, wise, gentle and generous.

Old and young... you are all incredible and I am thankful for knowing you.  My life is much richer!

The picture.... Charlotte Gainsbourg as she is one rocking woman, and as we all know I have a girl crush on her.