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Super Six...

Yesterday, we spent most of the day in the woods.  Celebrating Rufus' 6th birthday, he and his friends, had the wildest of times. Charging around the woods. Dressed as Superheroes, building dens, and cooking marshmallows and fire apples on a huge roaring fire.

To us the woods are the most perfect place for our boys to have a party.  The freedom, the secretive play amongst the trees, the poking of the fire, the smell of woodsmoke and the fresh air.  The little downpours didn't matter one bit... we loved every moment. 

I think I said it last year, but I love Ru's friends they are really the loveliest, most fun kids. It was SO much fun.. I totally forgot to take a single photo of the birthday boy! 

Wildabout Forest School...


Yesterday we we spent the whole day in the woods - a beautiful sun drenched, adventure filled day.
Wildabout Forest School invited us to spend a taster day with them.  The boys built dens, dug out a stream, toasted marshmallows, popped corn in a sieve over the fire, feasted on toffee apples and bread twists.
Jackie, the camp leader, showed the boys how to build a fire, listen for bird song, and gave them the time and space to explore the camp, to fully relax into the woodland.
Charlie spent most of the day digging out the stream and changing the course of the water, whilst Rufus made friends and became the mud monster from the lagoon.
It was blissful sitting next to the warmth of the camp fire, listening to my kids laughter and shrieks echo around the hillside.  As the parents chatted, our children made firm friends.
After 5 hours in the woods we left feeling relaxed, happy and with the smell of smoke in our hair.
A wonderful day out.

Wildabout Forest School runs courses for kids aged 8-13 years in a special forest camp just outside of Bristol.  For more information please visit their website. They can also do birthday parties too!  I am going to sign Charlie up for the summer camp.


This a gifted post.

sun - day...

Oh my!
What a BEAUTIFUL day it has been.
We woke to the sound of hot air balloons floating over our roof top.  Ballooning in November - bonkers!
But the day was so perfect, I couldn't blame them!  A crisp hard frost had hit Bristol, with glorious sunshine and hazy watery skies.
After feasting on Nutella pancakes for breakfast, we pulled on our woollies and boots. Gathered up my camera and went for an early morning stomp up through Ashton Court.
Sunlight was slanting through the yellow leaves, everything was touched by silver... glistening like fairy dust in the sunshine.
We threw leaves in the air, listened to woodpeckers, ran over the hills and bathed in the Autumnal glory of it all.
Days like these fill me with such joy, it fills me up for the week a head. 
Have a great week.

forest school...

Last weekend Rufus was invited by his good friend, Wilfred, to celebrate his 5th birthday party.  Wilfred's  party, just like Ru's, was held up in Leigh Woods.  Unlike our crazy Indian adventure, Wilfred's was an organised party - all about woodland survival.
Set in the Forest School clearing - the children made their own tribal jewellery, followed a treasure hunt to find the food, made goblin dens, and had the perfect morning.
Rachel , the leader, gave them each a  potato peeler so they could whittle their own sticks for the fire.I loved watching these small boys bond over sticks and marshmallows.
Woods, 5 year old boys and a fire - what more would they want?

a wild woodland rumpus...

So... today we celebrated my youngest boy's 5th birthday.
A group of his closest friends all gathered in the woods for a wild game of bows, arrows and Indians.
We decorated headresses, painted faces, stormed the tipi's, made bows with sticks and string, ate hot dogs and toasted marshmallows on the fire.
You can see from the photos, Rufus had a wild time... we all did.  Children and parents alike.
It was epic, I feel I have been away for a weekend at a festival - the most fun, exhausting and happy all at the same time.
As I sit here now with the smell of wood smoke in my hair - I feel absolutely blessed that my boys have such great friends and that I do too.
I think all Saturday afternoons should be like this!

weekend life...

So that was the weekend...
Gorgeous autumnal weather, made for long walks in the woods, great breakfasts and gardening with grandparents.
Autumn on days like these are my absolute favourite... soaring blue skies, crisp clean air.. each day a perfect gift and one we cannot waste.
Saturday we wandered through the woods.  We took a packed lunch of delicious bread and cheese, crisp local apples and our little burner to brew coffee.  Shame we forgot to pack the cups!  Coffee drank straight from the pot it was then.
For breakfast this morning I made 'Oeuf en Cocotte' or Baked eggs in crusty bread - a recipe I saw in the lastest issue of The Simple Things Magazine.  Super easy and super delicious too.
After our hearty breakfast we spent the day at my parents helping them to clear their front garden ready for a new design.
Good simple pleasures... 
How was your weekend?