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Happy Friday everyone!
I dunno about you, but this weekend cannot come sooner.
I am exhausted from looking after my 2 boys this week.
It's not the fact they are ill, it's the fact that they are fighting, throwing trantrums, screaming and totally being complete and utter (insert a swear word here!).
I've just bought a bottle of expensive red wine from Sainsbury's and I cannot wait to drown myself in it when my little darlings are in bed! Expensive cos I bloody deserve it!
hmmmmmm roll on 7pm!
Hope you all have some really exciting weekend plans... my plan is to seriously get some me time (doubtful) and to chill out.
In the meantime, some gorgeous sunny yellow inspiration... ah yellow, makes it all seem so much better doesn't it?
Have a good one!

sunny by nature

I just can't get enough of your sunny nature!

I ♥ yellow!
I must do, I'm painting my front door with this colour... that's something you just don't do on a whim!
So, Tuesday Treasury... a gloriously sunny collection of all things YELLOW.
Oh and look at that... it's sunny outside too!


Rufus is off pre-school with a sore throat and is running around madly after having some calpol.
Right best get on with some parental supervision!
Have a great Tuesday!


Source: via littlegreenshed - on Pinterest

I think I love this.
I am actually obsessing about this yellow quilt.
I think it will help me through the dark winter months.
Waking up to sunshine each morning.
Where can I get it?
Any clues?

Lions, Roses & Sunshine

Another sun drenched Sunday!  How lucky are we?

Don't want to jinx the weather oh no!  Please not cold, not yet  This autumn is far too beautiful to give up just yet!

A morning was spent at Ashton Court Estate.

Yes, a lion came along for a ride...

The rose garden was still in full bloom, even though we had our first frost last night.

I think this has to be my favourite rose in the whole garden.  It smells wonderful too.

I have, for the past 5 years, been wanting to paint the front of our house.  At the moment it is ugly brown pebble dash, with green peeling paint on the windows (sounds divine, doesn't it?!) 

Every time I come into the Rose Garden at Ashton Court Estate, I start to dream about painting the front white and have pale blue/grey windows and front door.  Then I will grow a pink rose like this up the front.  If only I knew it's name!

Yes I have a thing for yellow!

I hope you all enjoyed the sun this weekend.

Here's to another sunny week (please).


Vintage Wallpaper

Wallpapaper from funkywalls in Belgium.
We have been doing a little DIY at home this past week.  The stairs up to our attic bedroom for the past 3 years has been ripped wallpaper and bare wooden stairs.  We have recently stripped the wallpaper off to reveal unplastered walls!  The people before us who did the attic conversion didn't bother to plaster it. 

So, we have no clue how to do this, or the money to pay someone.  So we wallpapered it with thick lining paper to paint white this week.

The stars we will also paint white.

At the top of the stairs Dan has made a wardrobe under the eaves. At the moment the doors are untreated plywood.  Sooo here is my dilema.  With everything else white, I am thinking of wallpapering the wardrobe doors in original 1960's or 1970's wallpaper. 

I have been following this beautiful blog, smilerynker, and have fallen for her use of colour and pattern, it's a crazy mix, but looks so happy and fun.

Any help on what to choose?



Can it be true!  I have woken to the most glorious morning! 

A day of endless opportunities, of allotment, walks, drying my blooming laundry!

Now I wish I wasn't such a wimp and had gone to the Bell Tent after all.  Oh well, best make the most of it!

Oh, door bell.....


My new Orla Kiely duvet cover... I have wanted one of these for so long!  I love a bit of Orla.  I found this one massively reduced on ebay.. shhhh dont tell anyone!

So today is turning out absolutely peachy!

Have a great day xxxx