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I’m so excited about this!

Launching today, my brand new set of Presets for Lightroom Mobile.

I have been asked many times about how I edit my images, what application do I use, which presets.  How do I get that glow, or those tones in my images.
Well I’m now sharing the secrets, in my new set of Presets, specially developed for YOU!

This week I’m at the Amaras award ceremony, where I have been shortlisted in the category for ‘best use of photography’ – fingers crossed I win!

So it seems I’m doing something right! ;)

If you’d like to take your photography to the next level, then download my new presets.  They are designed for Autumn and Winter, to give your holiday photography a bit of sparkle.

Let me introduce you the set…..

Lou x


Deliciously spicy. Soft and grainy with a hint of warmth. The perfect preset for your autumn images.


Sparkling, soft and glowy. Star is everything you need for candlelight suppers and Christmas decor.


Moody, textured and cool. Winsdwept is for those wintery walks in the gloom. Embrace it with Windswept.


A slight pink tone, soft and gentle.  Glow will show you in your best light.


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