Colour crush | Rust & Green….

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Rust and green are the colours of the season… I seem to see them everywhere at the moment. From interiors to beauty and fashion.

My Instagram account has even taken on these colours. After visiting Amsterdam the other week, my feed has come over all green leaves and rusted brick tones.  I love it!

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Travel | Amsterdam City Guide…

Our trip to Amsterdam was utterly wonderful.  I’ve properly fallen in love with Amsterdam, the architecture, the cycling culture, the cool cafes and shops.  It’s bloody gorgeous!  When can I move there?

If you are interested in seeing what we got up to and where we visited, then read on…

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Travel | Clevedon Pier….

Back when the weather was unseasonably glorious, Dan and I headed for a spontaneous trip to the seaside. Our local coast is the pretty seaside town of Clevedon.  Full of Victorian seaside charm, with it’s pebble beach, ice cream coloured seafront and of course it’s famous pier.

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Beauty | Winter skin care saviours…

My skin has suffered over the past few years.  Hormonal imbalances, ageing and reaching my mid-forties has seen my skin look tired and grey.  I have typical dehydrated skin, and if I don’t look after it, it can look grey and saggy.  Not a good look I can tell you!

This winter, I’ve made a big effort to nourish my skin.  Having a several step routine, morning and night.  And, fingers crossed, my skin is looking plump and soft.  With a glow.  So what have I been doing.

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Travel | places where I want to stay – The Vera, Tel Aviv…

The Vera is nothing like the Tel Aviv I remember.  Back then it was full of backpacker hostels and seedy bars.  Now, 20 years on, beautiful design led hotels, restaurants and shops occupy central Tel Aviv.

The Vera is full of homegrown talent, and has been designed to showcase work by local artisans – all handcrafted by Tel Avivians.  From soap and scent makers to the liquor mixed into signature cocktails served in the bar.

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Life Lately | An on going list of everything in my head…

Do you know anyone who is doing it all? I mean really?  A great career, relationship, beautiful home, financially secure. Mentally healthy, physically fit?  I don’t.  So why do we all wish for more?  I’m always trying to find ways of ‘upping my game’ – buying ecourses that promise me everything, and never once popping

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Interiors & Decor | Minimalist table lamps…

I adore my new Tala Lamp.  Beautifully designed, with a soft warm LED light, it adds a calm glow to the corner of our dining room.  We never have enough light sources in our home.  Our parents, when they visit, are forever turning the ‘big light on’ much to my horror!  I hate the big light, with a passion!  Don’t you?

I think, as a family, we’ve just got used to living in gloom. Preferring to light candles and add have the odd lamp on.  Saying that, I do appreciate that we are in need of increasing the lighting in our home – just so that big light NEVER goes on.  (I might remove the bulbs!).

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