And then the sun came out

Gosh it is freezing here.  Bitter bitter wind, catching us, breathless.  Huddling at school in the playground trying desperately to keep warm.
Rufus and I scurried back to the warmth of home. 
We have played cars, traffic jams, basket boats, and tea parties with Elk & Mummy Bear.
The sun came out {bliss}… where have you been you naughty stranger?
Ru & I bathed in the sunbeams, lying on the rug for a cuddle.
Sun, please stick around for a while… we all need your golden happiness.
  • I didn’t even know they were cloth kit ones. I wonder who made them for me/where they came from…must ask my mum! And the boots….not the comfiest things ever…wearing them around the house to soften them up a bit. I’d stick to warm and comfy if I were you…..I normally do, but I was taken in by ‘cheap and pretty.’ Getting a bit old for that really! x

  • @ Kerry, we have all 3 bears, they were Dan’s when he was a child. My mother in law made them from the old cloth kit patterns. I love them so much, the boys sadly are indifferent to them. So when we play tea parties I am always mummy bear! x

  • My brother used to live in Philadelphia (USA) and he would say that when that first hint of spring warmth appeared he would sigh and give thanks that he had survived another winter!
    Bring on your spring (but not my autumn, okay…I still love summer!)
    have a great weekend

  • Beautiful pics, but I just gasped out loud! I had that mama bear…I had the daddy and baby too….but I lost the mama at St Agnes in Cornwall when I was tiny and was devastated!! Is she mine??? he he! Have a lovely weekend x

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