Blue sky dreaming

So the start of normality has begun. 
Today, Dan & I returned to work and Charlie to school.  It’s okay… I thought I would feel terrible about it – the hardest bit was getting up this morning, gosh it was so dark!  Must be something to do with the partial solar eclipse this morning.
To get through today I have been keeping my head buzzing high on sunshine and blue skies.  This blog is helping.  Looking back at last summer and dreaming of the summer ahead – Spring even.
It may be the very start of the new year, but to me it feels almost spring like, ooops I said it! I hope this comment won’t turn round and bite me on the bum!
I am buzzing with ideas of things I would like to do.  Firstly, I would like to tackle a few DIY jobs at home and once these are under my belt, maybe, just maybe start some kind of screenprinting project… 
All a little too exciting… watch this space!

  • Happy New Year. Just found you through Silverpebbles blog and thought I’d pop over. Yes. we’re back to normality on Thursday and I’m dreading it. Good luck with the screen-printing, will be back to see how it goes… Ax

  • Wow screen printing! Sounds fun. It’s funny because I was thinking it felt like spring today too. x

  • School and work begin for us tomorrow. We had a trial run of getting oit of bed today- it wasn’t a success….

  • That all sounds very exciting- love the idea of screen printing and very jealous as I’m so un-arty it sucks! I think Spring is a way off yet, but glad that you are feeling motivated and full of plans- I was looking at campsites last night for our main week away and am looking at the Bridport area, which looks lovely, but am now torn between somewhere quiet and pretty or bite the bullet and this year go for a family- orientated place with a swimming pool and entertainment (I need to quash my secret inner snob!) as it was hard work keeping the children entertained 24/7 last year! Love to you guys x

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