Boys walls

Raindrop Tiger Print

If have just discovered these amazing prints.  Wow, totally blown away with this Tiger.  Rufus is a huge fan of Tigers and Lions, in fact all of animal kingdom are his friends.  This would look great in their bedroom.

Midnight Owl Print

Or maybe this Owl who looks like he could do with a nap.

Uh Oh Shark Print

Uh Oh!  This shark print is also too good.  I just can’t seem to choose.

I Heart Triangles Print

This one is called ‘I heart triangles’ – and yes, actually I do, so this one must be for me then?

All of the above are by Melanie Mikecz her shop and website.


  • Oh! Where did your succulent post go?

    I adore the expression on that owl’s face. Perhaps he’s had a couple of limoncellos.

  • Gosh they really are brilliant but especially the tiger, the shark reminds me of the Doctor Who Christmas episode!

    Sarah x

  • They’re stunning. I love them. I’m off to look on that website.

  • They’re all lovely but It’s a worry how similar I look to that owl right now!x

  • Fantastic art, loving the tiger too, plus the shark, my son would love them on his walls too. Love Posie

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