Yesterday Rufus had his best friend over for play and lunch.  So much merriment was had between them.  Playmobil, pirates, lego, trains … a whirlwind of boys games. They had the best fun and totally exhausted each other.
Last night Rufus fell asleep during supper!
I thought it had gone quiet.  Charlie was just munching away watching his brother drop off. 
It’s tiring this playing game!
{so cute}.
  • Fab pictures, as always! Doesn’t Henry look like his mummy in that picture. Hope you are feeling better. See you soon x

  • too cute! It’s funny how exhausted(mental and physical) they get from interacting with other kids, so much more than playing alone. It’s such hard work for them. My little one is having a huge sleep after Mother’s Group this morning, where he rocked it out with his mates. x
    ps. love the last video too.. :)

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