By request

I have had a request, by my eldest {5 year old} son, to show his new bike.  In particular, show it has his name on the side.
So here you go.  Charlie’s Bike… a lovely grey & purple Islabike.
He is very,very proud of his new bike, as you can imagine.
  • Oh Lou that’s fab, what a cool pressie for Charlie. And hooray for the start of cycling season. My bikes getting a service for the first time since V was born. Getting nervous about my first ride with her on the back and oh, those Bristol hills!

  • Thank you all. Yes this was Charlie’s present from us. I rang Islabikes and got them to make us a couple of stickers using the same font as the bike. Neat eh? He points it out to everyone! x

  • What a wonderful bike Charlie. You’re a lucky guy having your name on it too. I hope those wheels take you on plenty of adventures!

  • Oh, I wouldn’t mind having a bike like that. I wouldn’t even mind if it said ‘Charlie’s bike’ on it – looks great, Charlie!
    Enjoy your next year to the fullest!

  • Wow- lucky Charlie, was that birthday presie? How did you get his name on it- that’s ace x

  • I don’t blame him for being very, very proud. It’s a beaut!

    (I bet it doesn’t stay that clean for long)xx

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