I was looking through some old photos of Charlie the other day, seeing how my boy has grown, and I came across this one.  Charlie was 2 and a half. What a cutie!
It was taken at the Greenman Festival in the Brecon Beacons in Wales back in August 2008.

This was our first festival outing as a family.  Dan and I loved going to festivals before the children, went to Glastonbury many many times as well as other festivals abroad whilst travelling.
The Greenman festival is amazing.  Small, set in a beautiful location, surrounded by mountains and trees, not too far from Bristol.  We decided to go there and back over the weekend without camping as we thought this would be too much with a 11 month and a toddler.
We had been there for about an hour, found ourselves in the children’s field in the large red & yellow marquee.  There was a music workshop going on for children to join in.  I had just settled down with a cider in my hand when Charlie was fussing over something.  Then I heard a scream.  A wasp had stung him right under his eye.
As we were in the Kids field so many parents just ran to our help, it was incredible.  We took a screaming Charlie to the first aid tent located next to the main stage.
It was sooo hot!  The music from the main stage was a crazy herdigirdy hill billy thing…Charlie was screaming refusing to take some piriton from the nurse.  I felt sick and faint.
So you can imagine what it was like!  There was a real problem with wasp’s that year, the first aid book was filled with casualties.
This photo was taken about 45 minutes later, lying on the cool grass by the lake.  Charlie looking alot happier, I’ve calmed down… also no wasps around.
We haven’t been to a festival with the boys since.  But maybe this year we can get to Camp Bestival in Dorset… I will not let this wasp attack cloud our festival fun.
Have any of you been festivalling {made up word?} with your kids?  Please share your experiences.  I would love to know.
  • Hi Lou

    We did the Greenman in 2006 with our then 6 month old, then again just last year, on our own (without children). Love this festival, but the two we experienced were very different. In 2006, we managed to bag a room in the house on the Glanusk Estate, so enjoyed a ‘suite’ of rooms and breakfast with the lord and lady every day, before being escorted down the hill in the golf buggy by the cigarette smoking, very exuberant lady of the house. All was good, and it cost just what one would have paid for a room in a B&B. Daughter loved it – spent the whole time in giggles.

    Last year – without kids, but we camped, and it was AWFUL – too much trekking in the mud to and from the tent, no sleep, cold. We’d obviously been too pampered :) But the music was so good. The families there were carting kids around in hand-pulled carts which was a brilliant idea. Met my friend who had a tiny baby who enjoyed the bands too with earphones to protect his little ears. And I met a lovely lady who was running a knitting workshop and shop there called Keep & Share.

    We’ve been thinking about All Tomorrow’s Parties – the chalets being up there with the music as main attractions.


  • Dear Lou
    You’d love, LOVE, Camp Bestival and I totally recommend it! We went a couple of years ago and it is just the most family friendly and relaxed festival ever. I’m desperate to go back – but we won’t be going this year because of our adoption – but I really hope the children are settled enough to go in 2012.
    There are so many lovely friendly families there – oh you’d have a ball !
    D x

  • We did WOOD in 2008 with our then 11 month old first child which was awesome. Lovely small festival with brilliant music, workshops and food!

    This year we will be going to Camp Bestival with three kids! Possibly a little foolhardy but we figure we can travel back and forth rather than stay over as #3 will only be a few months and our previous experience of camping with a 2 year old and a 3 month old was not successful!

  • sorry got distracted- was going to say there is always All Tomorrow’s Parties (ATP) which is usually held at Butlins at Minehead, or sometimes Pontins in Sussex and you get a chalet. I’ve been to ATP quite a few times and it is lovely to have the good music but creature comforts!

  • So cute!

    We are also previously seasoned festival goers (Steve used to own his own record shop when we lived in Brighton so music has always been important in our lives). We have been to the End of The Road festival with Flora twice before Pearl was born, but haven’t been with 2. I didn’t find it too difficult- we were so relaxed about it actually- it was before we had our own car and we got a train from Brighton and then a coach from the train station with all our stuff. I think people thought we were totally mad, but it was fine. We literally just turned up with hardly any stuff and out old 2-man tent and just squeezed Flora in between us and then just ate the food for sale. She was still in nappies the first time and I don’t recall it being any hassle at all. I remember standing right at the front of Yo la Tengo’s performance at about 10pm with F fast asleep in her buggy!

    I’d love to go this year, but it’s in September after the school sgo back and this will be hard now that F is at school and Steve is a Taching Assistant. I love the End of The Road, it’s so beautiful and ad-hoc with the artists doing spontantious perfomances in shady spots and fairy lights lighting up the woods and it’s a really small festival. I would quite like to go to camp Bestival, but it’s awfully pricey, I don’t see we would be able to go this year- shame!

    If you’re worried about camping with the smalls,


  • nasty wasps, i have a bad reaction to them! we’ve been to camp bestival for the last two years with our two! Olive was just 11 months the first year we went, they both loved it so much, we went back last year & will probably go this year, my only problem was that last year was so much bigger than the year before, so i’m worried this year will be even bigger, also it’s not that cheap (but then what festival is these days) & that said the kids LOVED it, the family camping areas were great & we had a fab weekend with friends, that was the best thing,we made sure we camped next to each other, as we took it in turns to babysit once the kids were asleep in the tents, so we did get to see some live music with outthem!

    you can read my blogs posts about it here:

  • For the past 3 years I’ve been to Latitude with little son (just turned 13)- just the 2 of us and camping all weekend. He loves it and is gutted due to other stuff we won’t be going this year.

    The trick seems to be with little ones is to share the parenting – so both parents get to see what they want and also spend time in the kids area. Those radio flyer wagons lined with duvets/blankets seem the answer to sleeping during the day/early evening. Friends do this and their preschoolers have a whale of a time.

    If you go and want some child’s ear defenders let me know – I’ve Will’s in a cupboard somewhere and they need a new home.

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