Chasing Squirrels

Well Hello Sunshine!
What a glorious day… hurray…. such goodness for the soul.
We took a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Bath… where the boys chased Squirrels around and around, climbed trees and hid in huge clumps of long grass.
Dan and I just soaked up the sunshine and giggled at their crazy antics.
Only downpoint – I dropped my DSLR on the pavement!  Thankfully, only the side of the lense dented
{phew!}, but boy did Dan loose it with me.  It was a scary drive home in silence.
The camera works it just looks a bit rubbish.  How stupid am I?
How was your saturday?

  • I think a camera looks better with dinks and all – mine is boshed to bits….shows it gets used – alot.

    Beautiful pictures and sun ‘aaahhhhh’ I can almost feel it.

    take care,

    Nina xx

  • eekk I hope your camera is OK. I am always nearly dropping mine – the problem is when you use something so much you are bound to have the odd accident with it. x

  • I managed to hook my foot around the camera strap and launch it out of the car less than a month after I got it. A little dent, not the end of the world but my did the heart beat faster!

  • Oh squirrels are so cute…but they always give you look like they’re about to pounce on you…or is that just me??

  • What gorgeous photos! Sorry to hear about the camera…I lost the camera card the other day. Scott is still going on about it…arghh! It looks beautiful there and making most the nice weather. xxx

  • Lovely photos.
    Thank goodness your camera is ok.
    Hope the silence has ended!
    Jenny x

  • I miss the squirrels so much! My hub will attest that I was mad for them when we lived in London. I used to walk to work through Hyde Park every morning and just lose time watching them. Thanks for the wander down memory lane. Your photos are GREAT! x

  • How cute, we used to chase squirrels in England when we were little (ok, & big). This is like my children kangaroo hopping on our bush walks. We have tonnes of kangaroos living about 200m from our front door – in the suburbs of our capital city!! Love Posie

  • Oh Lou, that sounds stressy! But your photos are just beautiful. I love the one of the grass, and the kids in the grass (though being Australian, my first thought was, “Oh my gosh, they will be covered in ticks!”)
    We had a pretty relaxed Saturday, all about the birthday here, and it was a sultry 12 degrees for my summer born baby!

  • Great photos.

    It’s a horrible feeling when you think you’ve broken something like your camera isn’t it? Did your stomach do a flip? No real harm done though, eh! x

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