My son the paleontologist.
Charlie received this great present from his Uncle Adam – the Natural History Museum Dino Dig.
Wow, did he love excavating the Triceratops.
Very important to wear his swimming goggles during the dig, to protect his eyes from dust.
Dust!  Just look at the mess!  Glad Grampa was around to help.
The Triceratops glows in the dark and is now pride of place on his bedroom shelf.
{Thank you Uncle Adam, remind me to get you one for your birthday!!}

  • That is awesome- i will look out for one of those for F’s birthday! She is diono-mad at the moment.

  • They are great aren’t they?! Glad he enjoyed it. We got some goggles with the violent volcano Tintin got which he loves wearing. It was a violet volcano the second time we used it. Got bicarb & vinegar onto the ceiling! obviously the plastic dinasaurs set out on the tray didn’t mind at all. Jacs x

  • We had one of these too, got to love the goggles idea, genius! My flatmate used to wear his when chopping onions at uni!
    Happy New Year Lou and family,
    Emma ;0)

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