Etsy love

Good morning everyone… I hope you all had a fantastic weekend?  I totally loved having sunshine on my face, it seemed like a lifetime since we have seen such glorious weather.

This morning I am feeling inspired with the amazing Etsy…  here are a few things that I am really loving over on Etsy at the moment.  Shame my birthday isn’t til the summer.

Have a great day.

  • I just found you via silver pebble, love your photos – they are stunning, lucky your camera is ok, my girl has just taken an interest in photography too. My fav is the mugs and clock too cute !

  • Awww, love Mrs Eliots Octons print – we have some real Octons which the children love – the vintage ones are so much nicer than the opaque modern ones. I got mine from Ebay and the children LOVE them.

  • @Sam – yeah I just looked at them again after you said that. Yes, got a bit of a thing for mountains – I suppose deep down I need a little escapism and mountain air! x

  • Looks like you have a love for all things pointy!
    Do you remember the translucent plastic octons from the 70’s that stuck together to make lovely 3d shapes?

    Maybe see you at school x

  • awww lovely etsy finds ;0)
    i too enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend, though its decided to be very naughty and hide beneath a blanket of clouds today!
    I loved the dress up piccys on previous posting!
    such fun it is to dress up and have alotta giggles…your boys are sooo sweet x

  • Ooh that coffee set is on my wantie list and those octons take me back to reception class in 1976!

  • Oooh nice selection. I have the Octons and Jamie Mills prints. They’re fab. My wishlist is mega too, and growing constantly! Nice to dream! Hope you’re well x

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