Hama love

Yes, I know these have been around for some time.  But, in our house we have just discovered the joys of pegging and ironing these little gems.  Although I seem to be doing all the work at the moment – art therapy for the January blues.
Charlie didn’t go to school yesterday as he was feeling over emotional and tired from a night of coughing, he woke up wanting to make Hama beads after seeing an advert on the TV.  (bloomin TV!).
So, yesterday afternoon, we must have driven around Bristol for 2 hours and in and out of at least 5 craft shops til I bit the bullet and conceeded to going to Ikea… I cannot believe that hardly anywhere sold them and if they did it was £8 for a tiny amount!
Ikea – cheap & cheerful.
I must admit I am now addicted.. can’t wait til the boys are in bed to make some more creations… wish it was Christmas still…I could have done the tree!
Have a great weekend!
  • @Kelly Yes I have the same problem here. Rufus loves to sprinkle them like rain all over the floor, patience is lost and I end up doing it all on my own for them to play with my creations for 10mins and then screwing them up and whining ! hmmmm maybe they are just too young.

  • We love these, we do have a house full of decorations though, Missy Big does loads of the same heart in the same colours – says she’s going to sell them online! Must get that crazy streak from me. Oops! (thankful the local toy shop sells them cheaply too – £8 – yikes!)

  • we got some of these last year, i was lucky enough to come across a big tupperware boxful in a charity shop for £2, George has got really good at doing it & now comes up with loads of his own designs, where as Olive {sigh} simply enjoys sprinkling them over the board then tipping them on the floor!

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