His first ride

Hello!  How is your weekend going?  Good I hope.
After yesterdays high jinx, we have taken it slow today.  Took Charlie to Ashton Court estate for his first ride on a pedal bike.  And just look at him go!  Straight on the bike and off he went, no wobbles, no running behind holding the saddle… just off and pedalling.  So the balance bikes do work then!
I am so proud, spent the whole time walking around taking photo’s of him with grin like a cheshire cat.
To celebrate, pizza and chocolate icecream, followed by a trip to Bristol Museum for dressing up as pilots and astronauts, before heading home for a marathon of lego making.
A good Sunday.
  • My middle child did that, so strange when they just scoot off isn’t it :-)

  • That’s so impressive! Yay Charlie! (..and no Chinese Mothering required!!!) From what age did he have a balance bike? I might get one for my Wombat when he is ready.. the big girl already has a bright pink bike with training wheels from the grandparents…
    Looks like you had a lovely Sunday :)
    Rhi x

  • both my boys started with a balance bike and we didn’t teach either of them to ride, they both just got on a bike and pedaled!

  • hurrah- well done Charlie! Flora still has to master bike-riding, we had a few goes in the summer to no avail! Both girls seem much happier on their scooters! x

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