It is so dark and grey today. It seems to have rained for days {nothing like the rain in other countries, which my thoughts are with constantly}.

This afternoon, Rufus and I made tissue paper kites in an attempt to bring cheer and sunshine on a dull day.

Although happily, the sun made an appearance just as I took these photos.. oh no, it’s gone again.  Rain for school pick up no doubt!

I just need to take off the snowflakes on the other door and make more kites.

Kite inspiration from bristolparentingcafe blog, thank you!  It has brightened up our day.


  • Oh they look beautiful. What a lovely thing to do on this dreary days! x Jacs x

  • your kites look lovely well done to you all, i must agree its always at the school times when the heavens open up x

  • Wow Lou, they are gorgeous. Love the heart kite tails too. Thank you for mentioning me and glad they brightened up this rainy, grey day.

  • Amazingly it waited till my 2 were home till the heavens opened today – first time in probably 10 years of school runs thats happened!!

    Kites look great – very cheerful.

  • Rain and hail storm for school pick up today! Even my vest got wet!! Love those kites, like Kirsty said, they’re so cheerful.

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