Lego mad

Charlie, the lucky bean, was given lego for his birthday.
Not just one kit, but it seems like 100’s.
Eveywhere I turn there is a completed, half completed, made up or a destroyed version of something lying around.
Lego is now his number 1 occupation.  From the moment he wakes up he rushes downstairs to continue with something.  The gentle rustle of bricks echoing through the Sunday morning silence.
At least one of the boys is quietly occupied, now I just need to find something for Ru to get stuck into!
  • Lego is inspiration in a box. It’s wonderful that he loves it so much. You will be forever cursing as you step on those sharp little blighters, though!!!

    I couldn’t find an email for you, Lou. I wanted to say how sharp you are (as sharp as Lego!) for spotting that my ‘boy, oh boy’ post had been ‘up’ about a week ago. I’ve been working on that one for a little while as it means such a lot to me. I accidentally hit ‘publish’ one day and it was up for all of five minutes before I realised. You were very quick, definitely not mad!! x

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