Lips, Chips, Ice-cream & Lego.

Last night we had a bit of a scare.  Boys had gone to bed, but were still being silly giggling {the usual pre-sleep routine}.  When all of a sudden Dan & I heard a loud thwack and screaming.
We ran to the bedroom to find Charlie screaming his head off, hand to the mouth and blood everywhere.  Rufus had thrown his wooden Brachiosaurus at Charlie and it had hit him fully in the mouth!  God knows how he managed to aim and get him in the dark!  Anyhow.. it took hours to calm them both down, watching mastermind, Carol Klein’s cottage garden and Blue Peter {anything not that fun for small children, so they will want to go back to bed!}. 
Charlie split his lip inside & out, and it became as swollen as Jordan’s top lip!  Poor Ru was distraught that he did it. I am sure he didn’t mean it to do the damage it did.
Bloomin hell!  Typical it happens on a friday night {our night for something special to eat… last night it was Jamie’s mussels with cider recipe from the Fishfight.  We ended up eating it close to 10pm!}
Anyway, today his lip is fine.  He {we} have gotten over the shock, the swelling has gone thanks to the icecream at lunchtime.
Charlie even managed to make some incredible lego creations including this Pirate launching Missile carrier!
Hope your weekend has been calm and not as stressful as ours has started!
They are fast asleep now… time for wine o’clock!
  • I hate to say it but it’s lovely to read that we aren’t the only household with boys that manage to get up to mischief and madness! And it so often happens when you have a gorgeous meal planned!
    Hope you’ve had a good calm weekend!!
    Jenny x

  • oh my goodness, children are so magical but such hard work at the same time aren’t they. Make sure you have a real chill out night tonight to compensate :-) x

  • Oh goodness, hope Charlie mends soon! We had something similar last weekend- Flora and her friend were running around our house with plastic tiaras on and the friend tripped over our stairgate, headbutted the wall, snapped the tiara and ended up with two massive sharp bits of plastic sticking out of her forehead- she had to go to hospital to have her head glued back together, I felt terrible!

    Congratulations on your award above, and thankyou for mentioning me, bless you. Hope the rest of your weekend has been a bit more relaxing xx

  • Phew – flipping ‘eck kids!!

    That sounds like the sort of thing my two older ones would do and as you say it always happens on the moments you can do without, but thankfully both your boys are OK – emotionally and fat lippy.

    Big hugs to you all

    Nina xxx

  • those kind of moments can be so scary!, i’ve just spent the last two Saturdays doing a paediatric first aid course, which i have to do every three years for work, but since having my own kids though, i think it’s something everyone should have to do! i now keep quizzing my husband about what he’d do if such & such happened, his stock answer now is ‘i’d call you’
    glad Charlie is on the mend,

  • poor charlie, i do hope his lip is on the mend now and that you can have the rest of the weekend all calm and relaxed x

  • Awww poor things – (all of you). Glad Charlie’s lip is on the mend. Hope tonights calmer. xxx

  • Oh poor you, but it looks like that ice-cream did the trick! Hope you are tucking into your wine and having a lovely relaxed evening as I write this.

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