Me time

Thursday mornings are my little bit of heaven.  Charlie is at school and Rufus does 4 hours at nursery, me?  I can do whatever I please!!

Being January there isn’t much I can do other than shop, decorate or the dreaded cleaning.  But each week I plan to do something just for me, maybe go the city art gallery or the local auction… something I can’t do easily with the boys.

Saying that, today I found this gorgeous 70’s pink tablecloth in a charity shop for £5.  Yes, I know I already have one, but look at it, it’s lovely.  Might make cushion covers out of it. 

I also bought some black frames for my two new prints, the drop is by the lovely Kerry over at The Seventytree and the second is homage to Cathrineholm kitchen ware, which I love, and is from here.  I will take some better photographs of these when the sun is shining and they are on the wall.

The past 2 hours, I’ve been painting the landing white, going slightly mad, as I keep seeing patches.  White on white is just so difficult to get even, well it is for me.

So that’s it, my 4 hours of me time is over.. time to pick up Ru.


  • Wow- what a busy bee you’ve been, well done for being so motivated! That tablecloth is the dog’s bits, you lucky duck! (just realised how many random animals I’ve mentioned there!) xx

  • The first time sophs started pre school i almost skipped to town through the park! it was lovely just to be meeeeeee for a few hours! woohoo!
    like you i headed to the museum and art centre.
    Walked about the city looking in gifty shops without the worry of a little’n breaking something! hehe…We all need those moments of ‘me’ time…and your batteries feel re charged and ready for happy hellos when you pick them up…. hope you enjoyed yourself ;0)x

  • What a lovely charity shop find. Well done to you for painting the house during your precious me-time – it passes at double normal speed don’t you think?

  • What a mighty productive morning! The colours in your prints are perfect, I’ve got a real orange and blue obsession at the moment!

  • Good luck with the painting. I have here a 1/2 painted lounge. As usual I’m enthusiastic to begin with then I get bored. A bit of ‘me’ time is great isn’t it.. x

  • the tablecloth is gorgeous – how about using it as a wall hanging?
    It would look amazing against your white walls!
    happy days to you,
    Denise x
    PS: I adore the prints in your previous post and now I have to go take a look at them on etsy!

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