Party Prep

{ I put this little note in his lunch box yesterday}

Today is party prep day… making pass the parcel,  sorting out goodie bags, baking, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!

Tomorrow Charlie will be hosting his 5th Birthday Party, he has invited just 6 of his closest school friends to come here and celebrate.  I am hoping we can do half an hour of t-shirt painting, party crown decorating, then pass the parcel & musical statues… a scrumptious (sugar laden) lunch and then a crazy play before home time.


Then a much needed lie down for Mummy & Daddy!

I have this recipe lined up for the Big Cake, and a few little surprises up my sleeve.

So please think of me tomorrow morning around 11.30 when the sugar kicks in and the kids take control of the house!

p.s. THANK YOU to all of you who left such lovely happy birthday wishes for Charlie yesterday… aw you guys are the best! 


  • Oh what gorgeous party images. Hope you’re holding out OK – I expect the noise and sugar is about to start!

  • A belated Happy Birthday to Charlie.

    Love the space cakes – my eldest was a space geek @ that age – I remember a room full of space books and of course kitchen roll rockets.

    Hope the party goes well and the weathers kind enough for them to burn off some of their energies outside ;)

  • What a fab idea to do T-shirt decorating, may have to nick that one :-) Good luck, you can do it – make sure you join in with the sugar rush :-) x

  • Looks like it wil be great fun! We’ve never had a house big enough to host a birthday party before, so I’m really looking forward to being able to have Flora’s at home this year- so much less stress! xx

  • Good luck for tomorrow. After 3 years of home parties, we’re having an ice-skating party for our daughter on Sunday. Should be a breeze (I hope). xx

  • Happy belated birthday to your little man and good luck for tomorrow. That will be me in a couple of weekends time though after the 5th birthday party we had at home last time I’m doing it strictly off premise this year.

    Nina x

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