The Party

What a party!  Charlie had the best time.  His friends had a blast.  Jelly and squash flooded the table.  Crowns were bejewelled, tshirts were embellished, a parcel was passed.  Chocolate was eaten by the bucket load and Buzz Lightyear blasted down from space on a mission to make the most chocolately space cake ever!
Gorgeous kids – Charlie has some lovely friends.
Now for a lie down.
  • It looks like quite the party!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on by blog, so that I discovered yours. It surely is lovely. And you have got two cute boys.

  • It would appear I missed more than the bike ride! Ever the Johnny come lately, Happy Birthday Charlie, looks like you had a top day!x

  • Fab! What a great party, and well done you! It’s Bertie’s first birthday on Weds, and I have done nothing for it whatsoever…very me to be so last minute, but then again, he doesn’t really understand at this stage anyway!

  • One big thank you from Scarlett. She did have a blast, and bless her cotton socks – she shared her bit of cake with Bobby and Lucy.

    Well done lady. And of course,5 years of mummydom is something to celebrate!

    Sam x

  • Oh, you have put a lot of work in, well done. My little one had a party yesterday too, it was a joint 3rd Birthday Pirate party with some friends. Crafting is definitely the way to go- they decorated parrots and spyglasses and party bags, but the most popular activity by far was digging for chocolate coin treasure in the sandpit! Hope you’re having a relaxing day today. Laura x

  • Love his little face, what a sweetie – happy birthday Charlie – and Lou after all it is your “i gave birth – day!” ;0)

  • Aww, looks lovely – Happy Birthday Charlie – I missed his day as our phone lines have been down since Thursday…well done for all you hard work. You must be exhausted!

  • What a lovely party, and a perfect number of kidlets to share it with! Well done Mummy!
    It’s my birthday today! I am eating cake too! And lying down… Will get back to blogging shortly… ;)

  • Put a one in front of that 5 and that cake would be perfect for my almost 15 year old son. He still has his Buzz from his 5th birthday and won’t be parting with it ever ;)

    Looks like Charlie had a great time today.

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