I have a new love.
Green Tea has always been my beverage of choice, but I used to buy Sainsbury’s own fairtrade green tea.  Then I discovered this delicious tea.  It’s how tea should taste.
I am in heaven.. goodbye sainsbury tea my taste buds are moving up in the world!
What’s your tea / coffee of choice, I am open to new ideas.
  • Personally luly I would rather have an ice cold beer over looking the turquoise sea.
    Luv m

  • I’m more of a chamomile kind of gal, but I sooooo get the tea thing.

    Have a lovely day

    Nina xxx

  • I’ve never tried Green tea but after your post I shall try! I drink a lot of fennel tea after the health visitor recommended it to me when Sonny had collic whilst I was breast feeding , it helps with digestion… and you know what… it worked!
    so 5 years on and I’m still drinking it!
    I also drink a lot of ‘Yogi’ tea’s, sweet Chai, detox amongst other’s whose names I can’t spell!! I love herbs and spices! I also love that on the tea bag, on the bit of cardboard on the end of the string there is a little pearl of wisdom, an affirmation of positivity to try and boost your day on!! todays was, ” Act, don’t react!!”…. so it’s an education as well as a cuppa!!!:)

  • I love green tea too, and a few years ago discovered Postcard Teas just off New Bond Street in London. An oasis of calm where you can sit and try all manner of teas; black, green, white… Tim the owner is incredibly knowledgeable. It was from him that I discovered how amazingly different teas taste when brewed at different temperatures, (particularly green ones) I always visit and stock up whenever I’m in London. My favourite is Aoki Green, which must be brewed at 70 degrees centigrade for optimum flavour. Also, Nigel Slater always seems to be in there!

  • I love Pukka Love tea – tastes delicious and the packaging is also gorgeous so it looks nice in your cupboard :-). It’s got chamomile, rose and lavender which I realise sounds a bit weird but is really nice.

  • I love the woody, earthy smell and taste of Earl Grey and such a delicate flavour. Lovely with a slice of home-made fruit cake. My son brought me some Gunpowder Tea from one of his trekking holidays. It does look just like gun-shot. But after you add the hot water to it in the teapot you will find the pot full of HUGE tea leaves and the taste is amazing. Ann x (Think I still have some left at the back of the cupboard, must make a pot.)

  • I am very boring in comparison – my preference is Tetley decaff – anything else I can can feel my heartrate rise.

  • oh’ how lovely, it wasnt ’til i started full time at whittards of chelsea many moons ago b4 my 1st term at uni in london started that i got a real tatse for teas n coffee’s…was more a fruit juice person, but i was only 20!, so i guess alotta yougens are like that. But i loved the Christmas tea, i have it all year round, love the smell of spiced cinnamon with orange and vanilla!!…its a dreamy tea…hot!, warming to the soul and with a tingle of spices! that smell heavenly!…even in summer you can catch me having a sneaky christmas tea!! hehe x

    enjoy yours, hope it warms your soul on this dull day ;0)x

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