This Week I’m grateful for… Lego

Yes, this week I am grateful for Lego and our kind relatives who gave the boys Lego for Christmas!  It has occupied Charlie’s waking thoughts.  He quietly goes through the instructions creating his lego machines.. with only the rustle of lego bricks showing he is not asleep!

I am playing along with maxabellaloves blog, she is inviting us to join her in showing what we are grateful for this week.

1. Lego

2. Dan – he gets up and goes to work every morning in the dark to a job he hates… for us. Thank you!

3. My parents – for their support and love.  (Lucky beans, they just went to the Maldives yesterday for their 40th wedding anniversary – they deserve it).

So, there you go.. why not pop over to Maxabella’s blog and have a go!


  • Lego is wonderful and precious too, we could never afford to replace all the lego we bought our kids over the years so it is one toy that we have saved for the grandchildren…still to come!

  • Lego has been a great friend in our household. My son is 11 and it still litters his floor. The rustling sound it makes has become part of the music of our house.

    Popping over from Maxabella


  • There is lego in a massive bag at my mum-in-law’s. We have some of our own coming soon, a present for the kids from my own mum. Love it!

  • Oh yes, my mother kept my childhood Lego for my children & my 4 love it. I even get to test drive Lego for a PR company, truly awesome. My youngest & only boy is biggest fan, he’s 7 & boy does it keep him busy & away from his sisters. Lovely blog & nice appreciation for your husband, my gorgeous husband goes off to war for us, he’s that amazing. Love Posie

  • Yay to lego! we’re still on the bigger lego at the moment but maybe this years birthday present will involve real lego! Have a lovely weekend :) xx

  • Partners are good like that, aren’t they??
    Oh, and we like lego too (althoug it usually takes a backseat to dressing up in ridiculously impractical outfits and demanding to be called princess!)
    have a great weekend
    PS: popping over from Maxabella’s blog hop

  • I have many fond memories of Lego as a child! Enjoy those peaceful mornings while your son is busy creating :)

  • A wonderful world of yellow lego!
    i love it sooo much, my brothers always made such amazing castles with draw bridges and small citys…i used to sit and think ‘one day i want lots of yellow bricks’…when i got to about 8 years and was bought a fisher price cooker for christmas i remember pinching the yellow lego as pretend chips for my kitchen ;0) hehe…happy times…As soon as i had my daughter i thought yay i can re-live my love of lego! Big kid hey!

    lovely blog and postings, do pop over to me and say hellooo if u like ;0) kazzy

  • Maldives… sigh.

    And Lego is my friend too! I think it’s been the friend of three generations of mothers now. It’s going strong. x

  • Hello Lou
    Oh I am a great fan of Lego too and I can’t wait to have our adopted family so that we can play with lego for days on end!
    Congratulations to your parents on their special anniversary :-)
    Denise x

  • I wish you had a “like” button. Usually I check in and haven’t got time to leave a comment but just want to say, “Like”. Spent too much time on Facebook…

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