Affordable Art Fair – Bristol

Mel standing beside her work being exhibited by Grant Bradley Galleries

my favourite of Mel’s prints (at the moment) is this Bristol Docks

Amazing Marigold painting by artist Lynsey Ewan

my favourite in the whole fair was this table by artist Jo Oakley

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to the preview evening for the Affordable Arts Fair here in Bristol.
I went along with my good friend Melanie who was exhibiting her work through a local Gallery – Grant Bradley Galleries.
It was a lovely evening, I could waltz around with a glass of wine and focus on looking at art (without my kids in tow!).  3 hours of blissful fun.
Mel and I played a game of choosing the most desirable piece i.e. what we would sell an organ for, the best gallery, the worst gallery and the item you would be utterly disappointed with if someone bought it for you.
I thought this last one would be hard… but there was quite a few turkey’s there!!
But generally the standard was so high. 
My favourite was this formica table by Jo Oakley – such an unusual topic.  She also did a great mid century coffee pot with a cup & saucer too.  My love of interiors and art combined!!
I also fell in love with the huge blurred image of a Marigold.  Now this I really love!
Going to the fair has totally inspired me to get on with making some prints.  I am now spending most of my time doodling and dreaming up ideas.  
Watch this space!

  • ooo that looks fab! lou have a look at my latest post, i have a piece of my work up for sealed auction this weekend raising funds for the uk smith magenis syndrome foundation xxxx

  • thank goodness we hadn’t taken a pile of money with us – no summer holiday this year children! so many lovely paintings and prints!

  • ooh lovely grown up evening without kids. well done mel. just visited jo oakley site, she has an array of lovely tables with things on. v nice link. ta. x

  • Glad you had such a lovely time- I do love the table too- definitely an air of Van Gogh about those pictures aren’t there x

  • what a delightful place- what a wonderful collection of art. took me back to being a little kid when my artist father would exhibit and we’d come along to the open evening- my love of art grew when visiting galleries and trying to copy piccys with my pocket sketchbook…while the grown ups chatted n drank wine with laughter and smiles ;0)…i think the table scene is really special- hope you had a magical night. lovely blog as always, x kazzy x

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