all rooms include an ensuite and view of the radishes

Ta dah!
After posting about the bug hotel and seeing my inspiration here.
It tooks us weeks to find things to fill the pallets.
Today we assembled the hotel.
We gave it a swimming pool with the belfast sink pond next door.
Dan filled the plug hole with cement, so tomorrow once it’s hardened we shall fill it with water and wait for the creatures to move in.
We are so proud of the hotel… I reckon all the bugs, ladybirds and spiders have their bags packed and are moving right on in to this 5 star boutique hotel.

  • That is just brilliant. It’s so beautiful too. A friend of mine made on a year or two ago. Now they have several mason bees living in it. Ace!

  • if the frogs from our end are seen crossing the road with their bags packed there will be big trouble!

  • Love it! We have a little belfast sink pond too here at home but it is a great idea to have it at the lotty to encourage creatures in :-)

  • looks very cosy! Flora has made a few of these at school and they really do work well x

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