corners of my home – may

It’s nearly the end of May.  Where has it gone… flown by.
We have been doing some changes at home this month.
The internal door has been painted a bright welcoming blue.
{happy colour}
We are painting the hall white to make it brighter.
We have replaced our old dining table with this 1950’s Formica one.  Such a happy blue colour.  It suits us and fits the space better.
The boys have been prolific in their art work.
Yes.. our home has become a tranquil sea of blue and green – not a conscious decision but somehow it’s happened.
Have a happy weekend, my lovelies.
Hoping for sunny days and elderflower cordial making.

  • We have a similar blue theme happening in our house…also not a conscious decision but I love it, so peaceful. Your front door is fantastic, by the way.

  • I adore the way you have written ‘Welcome’ on your door – how delightfully simple and unique – and all your little Indian stamps – a little man tried to sell me many of those, once upon a time in Vashisht! Lovely lovely. x

  • You have a beautiful home – your sofa is utterly gorgeous. I think we should swap :-)


  • nice new door – I love the colour! I made elderflower cordial for the 1st time this week and although it took a while it was definitely worth it… just have to make our way through the 6 bottles of it :)

  • Loving the goldfish in the fireplace feature! The sofa looks cosy and inviting and the blues and greens are so nice. What a lovely happy space!

  • Great new table! Son nice when something slots in and feels just “right”. Have a happy weekend,

    Sarah x

  • Hi! I am a new follower. Love your beautiful photos and ‘warmness’. xx

  • Oh wow I love your new door, and your house has such a lovely feeling about it! xxx

  • Oooh wow- it all looks so lovely. The blue door is just dreamy and I adore the formica table. Good work x

  • oh your house is like i dream mine is but isnt! your sense of style is immense, you have a real talent! xxx

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