ear infection – inspiration

Cabin in the woods plate by Kimslittlemonsters via Etsy

Wave Jar by Paulova via Etsy

Dots linen tea towel by Leah Duncan

I am at home at the moment with Rufus who is poorly again!
His ear burst on Monday night, poor little man.  He’s not sleeping well and tired and miserable.  It’s all a bit hard work here at the moment!  He is waking at 5.00am and not going back to sleep!  If he’s awake then I am too.  Soo soo tired!
So I’ve have been trying to ignore him this morning, hoping he will have a nap on the sofa – doesn’t look hopeful!
In the meantime I’ve been hanging around Etsy and found these lovely items for the kitchen. 
Virtual shopping {pretend shopping, putting things in the cart and leaving them there!} is making me feel a little better!
Okay, better go, his lordship is hungry!

  • Ear infections just suck.
    Hope you are all feeling better and well rested tomorrow.
    Loving that tea towel!!

  • lovely things. poor rufus, and you. gus wakes up about 5am every bloody morning so i feel your pain! he also had dodgy ears all through the winter and early spring, hopefully over it now. get well soon little man. x

  • Oh poor little man and poor you too, make sure you chill out whilst caring for him. xxx

  • Sorry to hear about the ear infection, hope he gets better soon! Love the tea towel design, very nice. Sadly i can’t afford it as i spent all my money in Zara!!!!

  • Oh poor little man. Poor you. Love the plate and at least a little virtual shopping is cheering your day. Hope R is better soon. x

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