hair – the series

I had my hair cut thursday evening.
A much needed re-shape.  I hadn’t had it cut since last December!
This morning I tried to take a photo of the new ‘do’ – but everything I tried the shot was messed up!
Here goes…

Not even in this one!
It went from being rubbish shot to all a bit silly from here on in.

Finally I managed one shot – not the best I could have hoped for, but the best of a bad lot.
ta da!
The do…

  • he he.. I know how tricky this is as I was trying to do the same thing! your hair looks great and also love all your pictures, flowers, cards, paint colour..

    inspired to get a haircut.. haven’t had one done since last august.. I think now is the time!

  • You look fantastic, hot, gorgeous!! And can I say I love the prints on your wall – fun photos!!

  • Your hair looks great! I love the fringe too. But i have to ask where did you get that fantastic top with the squirrel on it? I love it!

  • Have been toying with the idea of a fringe. Yours is a real inspiration – you look fantastic. I have until Saturday to make up my mind…

  • Thank you for all your lovely comments! I’m still trying to get used to having hair that ‘works’ rather than scraping it back!

    @Mel – haha! you know what it would be like… crazy! Dan ran over to throw up your tea towel! He’s after some commission! x

  • what a gorgeous lady you are! i love the do and the pics are hilarious! x

  • so cute! family fun. and the hair is gorge. i do love a fringe and you have the perfect hair for it. nice to see many pics of you. x

  • Next time could you film instead, so that we can have the soundtrack too….

  • Wow. You look fab. I am a fringe person and yours looks great. If I lived in Bristol, I’d be asking to have the number of your coiffeur :) Lovely lovely photos. x

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