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image via pip from here
The lovely & talented Pip over at Meet me at Mikes posted earlier today about this brand new and exciting magazine which is just launching here in the UK.
I just had to share.
Just one look at this amazingly colourful front page had me hooked.
I flicked through the online preview here and was sold.
And if your order it now you can get 3 issues for only £5!
Yes, you heard right, £5 for 3 months of inspiring creative people, how to’s, house tours and creative spaces.
{ooo I sound like someone off the shopping channel, sorry!}
Go, go, grab a copy!
  • You are naughty tempting us all in this way! I am trying to cut back on mags for eco reasons really – can I withstand the lure of that gorg magazine …..

  • Thanks for sharing, I might have to get myself that!

    Lou xxx

    PS. your allotment is looking good! :0)

  • anything involving photos of crochet apple holders is good enough for me! plus tif is in the first issue. looks lovely. x p.s. your blog is looking rather gorjois may i say. x

  • It looks lovely doesn’t it. When I did a knicker making course (!) at The Makery one of the other girls there told me about it as she is the editor (it’s published in Bath!). Must do a post about my knicker making – it was great!

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