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I must admit I am little bit  enamoured with Pinterest.  In fact I can get extremely carried away!  The other night I saw on Hilda Grahnat’s blog how amazing her plates were.  And so I pinned them.  Then this started a frenzy of pinning anything ceramic which had interesting designs or decals.  I got quite carried away, it didn’t go unnoticed either! (you know who you are Mrs E B!)

Have you discovered the joy of pinning?  What have you pinned recently…. should we be following each others boards?  Please let me know…..

p.s. I found all these images via pinterest and have found the original source of the image.

  • i have an empty page nothing pinned cant get to it! but really really want to and your pics just make me more desperate! x

  • I discovered pinterest a few weeks ago, and I’m totally head over heels with it. In fact it’s proving a bit of a distraction! There’s a link to my boards on my blog if you’d like to take a look! Also, I just got an iPhone and there’s a pinterest app… All spare time is now officially taken! xxxx

  • mrs E.B here! i loved your pinning frenzy. every time i refreshed the page some other gorgeous ceramic popped up! x

  • I have got a few of those pretty Marimekko plates, on the first photo :)
    And I already follow you! My name is Asali Hellqvist, feel free to follow if you like my pins :)

  • I have just discovered pinterest and have started to follow you – so may people whose blogs I love are there. Half term next week and I will be sneeking a little pinning in myself!

  • That top plate … I am in love!! Oh how I wish my birthday was coming up so I could get away with buying one.

  • It is totally addictive! I just love pretty things. I have even found myself sneaking on when I am at work to see what other beautiful things people have found. Stop me!

    Just started following you – bunting bed cover. Love!

    My blog has the link to my pinterest if you want to take a look. Though I won’t hold you to it.

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