rest in peace Mars

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I have some sad news.

Yesterday morning I came downstairs and into the lounge to pull back the curtains.
There was a funny smell – a little fishy.
I went to the tank to give them a some flakes when I nearly stepped on Mars!
Yes, Mars somehow in the night had managed to jump out of the bowl and was lying there dead on the floor.  Stiff as a bored.  Bare feet next to dead fish!
I was overcome with squeemishness (word?) and called for Dan to help – he and the boys were still in bed.
Mars was stiff dead, no way was I going to touch him!
So after calling up to Dan several times, they all came thundering down the stairs.
Charlie was so upset.  Huge tears falling down his cheeks.
Why? Why did he jump out?  He kept saying.
Luckily Postman Pat was on the TV so this soon distracted him.
Charlie then piped up ‘When is show and tell, cos I want to take his bones in to show everyone!’
Right so over that then!
Dan put Mars in the bin (er buried and gone to heaven).
We now have a son who doesn’t want a stupid goldfish but a puppy now instead.
Thanks for that Mars!

  • Oh no- that’s sad. Poor boys. When F was 3 she accidentally murdered one of her fish- I found her with it in her hand and she’d somehow managed to squeeze it so had that it’s whole back bone and fallen out- grim! She was pretty traumatised! Hope the other one will like his new room mate x

  • why and how do fish actually do that? I mean that is one serious dive Mars has done to get out … and why?? Hope your kids are ok now – I remember when my first fish died and funnily enough I think we got a puppy next too!!

  • Oh dear. Not a good decision to leap out of the bowl . It went very wrong. Poor mars x

  • oh no! poor mars. isi, my 5 year old is very sensitive, he would be devastated if he knew any of our pond fish had gone to heaven! luckily there are lots so he doesn’t notice when one of them bites the dust. yucky though – dead fish under ones toes. x

  • Must have taken more energy than I’ve ever seen a goldfish do to complete that suicide leap!!

    Perhaps MarsII rather than a puppy??

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