weekend – in pictures

It feels like I haven’t been here in a while.  I know I have, I am here quite a lot, but my head space is just not into blogging at the moment. 

I think a little time off to regain my creative juice should be good.  I am forgetting to take photos and document life.  Dumb eh?  Seeing as this is what I love to do!

It’s been all a bit hectic.  I seem to be running on my nerves, stressed out for no damn reason.  I always get like this during my time of the month.

I need to take a rest, chill and move forward at a more sedate, comfortable manner… stop rushing, stressing and not having fun! And more importantly be a bit less shouty mum!!!

This weekend seems like it has been non stop. 

Take yesterday for example – first up it was Charlie’s swimming lesson, followed by shopping on North Street, followed by Charlie going to his friends 5th Birthday party, during this time Dan & I (with Ru in tow) wandered around Curry’s choosing a new fridge.  Then to the park, because we felt guilty that we took Ru to Curry’s (er ????!!!).  After picking Charlie up, I made pizza from scratch and then dashed up to the Night at the Museum.  Immediately after this Dan marshalled at Mountain Bike 24hour event for Charity… so he was out from 9pm til 12.30am.


That was Saturday!!!!!

See what I mean?

Today.. allotment & celebrating Grandma’s birthday.  A little less manic, but somehow I managed to still get completely stressed and a tension headache!

So… {pause for breath}…

I am having a little rest, and will come back refreshed and something worth blogging about.  And yes, I need to tell you all about the Affordable Art Fair last Thursday… maybe I’ll do that tomorrow, then a rest!

Have a wonderful week, my lovelies, and I shall see you sometime over the next few days.


  • ooo blogging burnout! feet up, rest and yes breathing is always good! loving everything about your blog and even if we have to wait while batteries are recharged we willxxxx

  • Lou- Beeeyutiful pics! Your boys are adorable.

    Sorry you’re feeling frazzled. I have a tendency to get quite anxious sometimes so I can relate a wee bit.

    Hope you get some proper time to yourself soon


  • Enjoy your rest, it sounds like you are one busy lady. Must say I will miss your posts though and I look forward to your return!

  • Ah Lou, I do sympathise. Life is blimmin’ tough sometimes…..especially when you have ‘interests’ and want to get lots out of it! Sometimes I wish I was one of them ‘normals’ (if you know what I mean)…easily pleased, easy going…You’re a lovely lady and mama, so have a well deserved rest and come back feeling refreshed. I look forward to your next post…no pressure though ;)

  • You deserve a breather! Tension headaches and beating yourself up for shouty mum is rough. I know how you feel, was in just the same place this weekend with daddy away at the Cup Final for work it was just me and two small boys at home, in the rain, until Sunday lunchtime. Wrong time of the month too so I didn’t exactly perform well. Oh dear, headaches, noise and whackedness all round.

    But I don’t think (well hope) they remember it nearly the same as we do. Tomorrow is a lovely day as the song goes. Go easy on yourself and recharge your batteries.

    Such beautiful photos as always, love the one of your boys. How lovely to capture a memory in a moment like that.

  • I feel exactly the same- running around like a headless chicken but acheiving very little. I have a horrid cold and am snowed under with a ridiculous ammount of work. No time for anything fun or creative at all :-( Boooo :-( Anyway, loks like you had a much nicer weekend than ours xxx

  • it’s so inconvenient how life sometimes gets in the way of blogging!

    you weekend looks yummy though..

  • i am the same at the mo lou. things are so busy and i get very stressed out with all of it. i’ve been napping too which i never do because i never think there’s time to nap, but i’ve just had to give in coz my body needs it. 5am gus wake ups are taking their toll. you need a weekend with absolutley no plans. we had a couple of those and it was really lovely to wake up and have no need to rush. breeeeaaathe x

  • Hello Lou, What a fab blog,
    What did you think of the AAF….saw my pics…you may fancy a visit to my Open Studio in November!!!!

  • wow a very busy weekend, i was mums taxi this weekend so, know how it is, with moody teenager in tow, and helping the boy get settled into new residence! But ended nicely with a dinner at a friends house and a couple of glasses of wine! love your photos they are lovely, the lot is coming along beautifully! Have a great week!

  • Hello Sweetie. Sounds like you are super busy with life. I know how you feel though – always, always busy! It was my birthday today and I just left my camera at home and much as I love blogging it’s nice to have a break. Have a great rest and hope you feel energised again soon. C

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