giveaway… first birthday, new followers, opening of shop

Yes it is giveaway time!
Littlegreenshed celebrated her first birthday the end of March, naughty me, I forgot to make a cake!
But to make amends I am doing a little give away!  Yay!
A little thank you to all you lovely people who read my daily posts, and show endless encouragement and support, you are all wonderful!
Also to celebrate the opening of my shop on Etsy too!

Okay to enter: you get triple chances of winning.

1. Please leave a comment below letting me know which card in the shop is your favourite and also it would cool if you told me you favourite salad you like to eat…. I am in need of some summer recipe inspiration.
2. Follow my facebook page
3. Comment about my giveaway on your blog/facebook.


The winner will receive a little selection of cards.  Winner will be announced on Tuesday 5th July, which happens to be my birthday too!

Good luck!

  • ooh tough one. I love the carousel and ferris wheel. Even though I have never been to a proper fair that wasn’t run by my school (what!) they just remind me of summer. This summer I am loving panzanella. Traditionally made with stale bread and tomatoes to soften the bread I have been buying a nice spelt bread from our wholefoods and toasting it in the oven. Great with all the summer seasonal veggies.

  • I love the cow parsley one! As for salads, as it’s not salad season down (under) here I’m not making any, but if I go out for lunch I often go for ceasar salad, yum!

  • i love them all but the carousel one is my most favourite! i have also clicked like on fb and i will share on my blog honey xxxxxxx

  • Oh my favourite is the big wheel – as i just went on one for the first time and loved it.
    Best salad for now is greek salad – feta, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions,olives and fresh bread on the side. Yum.
    Congrats on a brilliant year of blogging.

  • Very difficult to choose a favourite card, but at a push I’d say the rose card. We’ve just finished eating a salad with cold gammon and nasturtium flowers with a mustard dressing, very yummy!

  • This is so tricky, because they are all so beautiful. I’ve been trying to pick between the knickers on the line and the carousel, but I can’t. I love them both! As for salads, my all time favourite is a basic salad tarted up with beetroot and goats cheese and a few chopped up pecans. Congratulations on being a year old! x

  • Congratulations Lou on your shop and your blog-irfday! It has to be the fairground ones and the knickers :)
    Favourite salad – I’m no good at this but hubby makes a fantastic dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, black pepper and raw garlic. Yum. x will follow you on fb toute suite.

  • How exciting .. I have my fingers, arms and legs crossed that I will be the lucky winner.
    I love the carousel one.
    Oh, and the cowparsley one.

  • I love the Fairground Bunting card as I have a bunting obsession.

    Fav salad is one with loads of halloumi cheese & olives.

    Have liked on Facebook & will place a mention too.

    Sam x

  • Knickers, knickers, knickers! Happy Blog birthday and I love a nicoise when I can be bothered to make it. Pear, blue cheese and walnut is high on my list at the moment.

  • you know i like the radish one and the rose one, now im going to pop over to fb x x

  • Congratulations on all of these wonderful things!

    My favourite card are the balloons in the blue sky- pure happiness! I made a rocket, chorizo and roasted sweet potato for a picnic last weekend and it was delicious! X

  • oohh my favs are finding buttercup and cowparsley. fav salad is tuna salad or roast veg salad. Will give you a shoutout on facebook as a birthday pressie to you :-) x

  • Can all cards be favourites? No? Well, okay. Then the big wheel card, is the prettiest of them all.

    Nice move on the salad, haha :)
    I like beetroots, carrots, oranges, pomegranate and raisins. (you’re really lucky that all of the ingredients are in season right now….)

  • I like the carosel and balloons cards.
    My fav. salad is a ceasar salad with chicken.

  • Congratulations Lou!
    My favourite card is also cow parsely, followed closely by the carousel.
    My fave salad is grated beetroot and carrot salad, on Chocolate and Zucchini’s blog. Delish and easy.

  • Happy birthday!

    How can I pick? My very favourite cards are the fairground ones – I love proper fair.

    My favourite salad is spinich, peas & feta. An old Jamie recipe (poss from his first book). Most of those ingredients could come from the lottie surely?

  • Oh yippeeee! Please enter me! You already know my favourite card is the knickers one and my favourite salad is tomatoes, with roughly torn up mozzarella, torn basil leaves and a drizzle of the good stuff! xxx

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