I am a greedy crocodile…

Yesterday afternoon was the School performance for the Reception year at Charlie’s school.
It was called the Secret Path – a mash up of Percy the Park Keeper, Little Red Riding Hood and lots of characters thrown in.
Charlie (as you can see) was a Crocodile along with his good friend Lucy.  Scary eh?
Before the performance Holly and I face painted about 30 children.  A mix of crocodiles, badgers, mice, princesses and Knights.  Phew!
It was so much fun.  The actual play was so so cute.  Charlie ‘acted’ well, standing their with his arms like snapping jaws and singing the following song:

(to the tune of ‘what shall we do with the drunken sailor’)
I am a greedy crocodile
Flash of teeth and a charming smile
Come too close and in a while
You will be my dinner
snap snap
now I’ve had my dinner

Were you scared?

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