product shots…

I am trying my hardest to take some shots of the new set of cards for my shop, and it’s proving a little harder than I thought.
Firstly, the weather!  One minute sun, the next grey and heavy downpours…so I rush to my studio with camera under arm, set up shots (in the sun) go to take the shots and the rain starts.  
Secondly, I load the images on to my laptop for tweaking and then find myself distracted by other blogs!  Ahhh.  I’ve just spent half an hour wandering through the archives of this awesome blog… oh I wish her bedroom was my bedroom.  Might have to emmigrate!

Sooo after many many obstacles…some lovely new cards are featuring in my etsy shop.  These are called the allotment set, for obvious reasons!

Have a great wednesday.
  • the weather is nuts isnt it! i send the girls to school with clothes for every season at the moment and they come home with everything worn! i love the beetle shack what a sense of style! xxx

  • The postcards are amazing. I’ll take one of each! And I completely understand the trickiness of Etsy shop picture taking. I had to take 3 sets of pictures before I was happy. I swear it’s this darn tricky weather though, rather than my photography skills. xxx

    ps. A-MAZING bedroom. Yes please.

  • your photos are all looking pretty splendid Lou – aren’t cards the hardest thing to take photos of!

  • Just found your blog via a comment you made on tales of a junkaholic… and your beautiful blog is distracting me! So all is fair in the blog love roundabout…

  • love your photos – and i have that orla kiely box too! Em’s bedroom is amazing…all sun filled in late afternoon. perfect!

  • Such a lovely space you have here, i am visiting from the beetle shack. So glad to have found your beautiful blog! x

  • The weather is making it very tricky for everything at the moment isn’t it!
    Oh, and I hope you don’t mind, but you will have to share Emilys bedroom with me … its my favourite too!!

  • Thank you all!
    @Karen – I bought the tape from the makery in Bath, they sell online too.

    @ Bears Footprints, I’ve just emailed you the link.

    @ Emily – yes we are serious! Sooo fed up with rainy summers!

    @ Francesca – emailed you. Yes yes any pic you like.

  • well i think they are fab, nusiance the weather though x ps do you get a good price for your cards or do you do them yourself as i wouldnt mind prehaps doing some for charity x

  • What a lovely post Lou. Can I just say that I love your sewing corner. My house is so full of children who are rapidly becoming adults (beware teenage boys take up a LOT of space) that I struggle to fine beautiful corners like yours for myself.
    Secondly your cards are fab and I am planning a little spend as soon as mr bank manager allows.
    Finally where do you get your lovely tape from? I am feeling the need! Am going to check out that blog too. Phew – yours was a packed post!

  • hey thats ME!!! ooh so lovely of you! I was just stopping over to drool over your amazing photography! Rainy days SUCK- we have just had weeks of them, major flooding hijacked our holiday plans!

    hope the sun comes out for you lovely lady- if not, book a ticket ;)


  • oh i know. i was trying to do it yesterday. was not particularly fruitful. is it ok to drag a pic from your etsy shop for my blog? gonna give you a little mention tomorrow or friday. x

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