Shops open!

{So nervous!}
It has just 6 cards at the present.  I was hoping to do A4 & A5 prints but these are taking a little longer than I hoped.
I will be adding to these cards with other images.. more on the way!
I do hope you like them.
I have found this whole experience quite a roller coaster ride.  One minute high with excitement, inspiration and plans and the next down, full of self doubt and technical problems.
At last here it is….
my first little shop – Littlegreenshedshop on Etsy.

  • Good luck and beautiful pics!

    I just started etsy a few months ago and it has been such great fun. It has filled a hole in this stay-at-home-mama’s life that I hadn’t really realized was there. Just a little external validation. A little extra motivation to do some creating each day. A little something on the side that is just mine and a little extra cash in the bank account for something special.

  • am going to mention you in my next post, i was looking through your archives and saw your gorgeous radishes photo again. it would make a lovely card. x

  • Ooh good luck. Such beautiful images and I love your product shots. I remember when we opened ours – terrifing!

  • Lovely images – well done for taking that nerve wracking and exciting step. good luck x

  • Looking fab! More, more! Definitely the fairground ones of late with that lovely blurry field of buttercups. Good luck x

  • Well done to you. How good to do something you love. Good luck loved the photos.

  • They look totally amazing- some of my favourite pictures of yours, especially my all time fave- the pants on the line!

    Wishing you the best of luck with this venture (not that you need it), I can’t wait to see it grow and grow xx

  • the cards look fab, are they ones that you have printed yourself or did you get them sent off to get printed? x

  • yay lou archell! looks great. love the balloons and the way you’ve taped them up. x
    p.s i would recommend relisting them now and again so they keep popping up on the newly listed page (i think there’s a newly listed page – something like that anyway!). costs 20c every time you do it but it’s worth it to get noticed.

  • Lovely images – I especially like the comedy pants one! Good luck with the shop.

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