This weekend was so different in it’s two days. 
Not only the weather but in activities too. 
Saturday was busy busy, with the school street party. 
I helped in the Butterfly Cafe, serving delicious cakes and quiches.  The queue was non-stop…I haven’t been so busyat work  since my days as a waitress!
Charlie took part in SportsStars.  He and class mates ran around playing British Bulldog and other games, which ended up in giggling chaos as none of them new the rules. 

After the streetparty we went to witness the beautiful naming ceremony of little Violet.  Such a tender, happy, loving ceremony.  Delicious cakes and pink champagne.  Held in the most amazing building…the University and Literary Club.  Thank you Cathy, I can’t stop thinking about it.  I love my flowers & little pot of  (Violet) Marmalade.

Sunday, gosh didn’t rain?! 
I didn’t leave the house. 
Instead we did a bit of crafting and I made a star garland for the boys room. We had a puzzle and game marathon and then settled down to watching Tangled DVD with popcorn and hot chocolate.

I am so pleased to see the sun today.
Have a great week.
p.s. HELLO to all my new followers, so nice to see you.  And THANK YOU to all your wonderful encouraging comments about the shop.  A quick update.. more cards on the way!

  • your life always looks so wondrous! thankyou so much for sharing! x

  • Oh, ‘rain’ doesn’t even cover Sunday! lovely pics as usual Lou. Sorry not been commenting, having probs with Blogger letting me leave comments. grrr! Jacs x

  • Love the playground photo! Thank you so much for coming to celebrate V’s special day – it was lovely to have you and your family there. Congratulations on your shop opening too – love those knickers!

  • Glad you had a lovely weekend- ours was a weekend of two halves too! Love the garland x

  • Your weekend sounds lovely. The star garland is just beautiful, what’s it made of Lou?

  • Gorgeous photos, I am really glad to have found your blog – thanks for following back too :) We didn’t leave the house on Sunday either, what a miserable day but I spent it curled up on the sofa under a blanket doing some crochet, so was actually very nice! Hope the sun stays – it is shining here at the moment too!! xx

  • lovely weekend lou. weird weather isn’t it? i can tell you as of 5.16 this morning it looks like it’s gonna be a good one, blue sky and sunny already! looking forward to gus being of an age when he’ll sit still and we can all watch a dvd together. sounds lovely and cosy. x

  • Sounds like you had a great saturday, shame about the rain. We have had rain the whole of the Queens birthday weekend.

  • beautiful photos and i love the star garland. So sweet to give guests a jar of violet marmalade – what a precious idea!

  • how rubbish was sunday! love your star garland though – very jealous.. might have to make one myself!

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