the gorillas…

This year Bristol Zoo celebrates it’s 175th Birthday.
To celebrate they have placed 60 gorillas all over the city which have been decorated by local artists.  The Gorillas are great chance to bring together local business and arts communities and to create a unique, mass public art event for the people of Bristol.  At the end of the summer the Zoo will be having an auction for the public to buy the Gorillas and the proceeds will go to support gorilla conservation projects in Africa.
The past couple of days we have searched for these rare beauties in popular spots in Bristol.
I think our favourites so far have been Spider Monkey in our very own neighbourhood and Gorisambard by the Clifton Suspension Bridge.
After walking over the bridge and back (something I found quite giddy), the boys found the infamous ‘bumslide’ close the bridge.
You can see the shiny bum shaped groove which has been worn away over the many years of  children scooting down it.
So, 9 gorillas down only another 51 to go!

Have a great weekend.

p.s.  I would just like to add… today hasn’t all been gorillas & bumslides.  I have had a mare of a day. 

I have had a splitting headache for 2 days now.  Plus earlier I picked up the coffee table to move it out of the way as it was being used as jumping launch pad onto the sofa.  To only stand on a piece of Lego. If you have ever stood on a piece of Lego you will know of the pain!  So, holding onto my teak coffee table (heavy), standing on Lego (ouch), I jumped, hurtled forward and smashed my hand into the wall, trapping it between heavy coffee table and wall.  
Soooo, to sum up… I now have a splitting headache, sore foot, smashed up knuckle, and tingly shooting pains down my arm.

NOT the best of days. Where’s that bottle of wine!

  • firstly. ouch poo and pour me a glass, secondly i LOVE this sort of stuff…the gorillas that is not the personal injuries! go check out my great mate and favourite artist Rachel Grant. she is from stoke on trent and gets involved with lots of projects like this. her work is fab…i’m a the proud owner of 2 canvasses xxxxx

  • oh poor thing, hope you feel better today. I love the picture with one of your little ones making an impression of a gorilla:) made me smile.

  • poor thing with your injuries.. hope you’re feeling better today. also, I love the picture of one of your little ones making an impression of a gorilla:)

  • You poor love! I hope you’re feeling better now. Onwards and upwards for August! xx

  • Oh you poor thing – one of those outrageous series of unfortunate events which you couldn’t repeat if you tried! Love the gorillas though – particularly Isambard Kingdom-Gorilla! Hope you found some wine. Xx

  • I do love a real life p.s.

    I think my life is full of p.s’s like that. Mainly full of love and gratitude but quite alot of painful postscripts. And yes, they also involve stepping on bloody toys, or getting wound up, or being very clumsy etc… etc…

  • That first gorilla match’s your little one’s helmut, I think they liked the bum sliding the best. Take care and do have a wine or two.

  • Oh! Poor You!. Well tomorrow is another day! (Was that the right thing to say?) Love the Gorillas. Bristol always comes up with something interesting. They are great. It will take the whole holidays to find them all, and you haven’t even got them on your list – or is now No. 41! Ann x

  • Oh Honey, poor you! So glad you’ve been on the Gorilla hunt – were were in the City Centre today chasing Gorillas (we did 17!!). I’m suddenly desperate to snap them all for some reason but there are so many! My fave is Millenium Sq. I’ll drop you a line when we do Spidermonkey near you. x

  • love the gorilla hunting! will have to visit bristol for a hunt on one or two!
    i agree lego does hurt alot!lol! wine will fix that! :)

  • You poor thing. The worst is that if you are in charge of small children instead of feeling sorry for yourself & sitting sulking for a bit you have to continue to be nice to your children. Enjoy the wine – it isn’t alcohol, it is medicinal.
    The Gorillas look great. Was it last year that Bath had elephants?

    Having read this I think this comment tells you more about me than you!

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