lovely gifts and a change around…

This morning I have moved some pictures around.
To accommodate my new Isak print.
I love the cheekiness of it… Dan and I.  Heheheh.  Although the ‘Isak world’ Lou has perter boobs than my own!
The beautiful Orchid is from my Brother and Sister in Law… I don’t have much pink in the home but all of a sudden have two!  
Yes pink is a good thing in a house of boys.

  • Ah looks great! thanks for showing my love bird print and thank you c very much for your lovely supportive comment it means a lot so big thanks :)x

  • Lovely print, I’ve been meaning to leave you a comment first to wish you a happy (belated) birthday, second to say how great your holiday in the yurt looked and third to say how much I love all your new gifts.
    But I never seem to get the time!!
    So there I’ve done it!! I must say your blog is looking very stylish these days it’s beautiful.
    Jenny x

  • i love that print- how fantastic- isak world. i saw a light blue typewriter in the vintage charity in the city…it was only 18 quid with hard case…wish id doug out my penny’s now looking at your x

  • great breasts lou ;) I love love love LOVE (get it) that isak print!! and because i would also love nothing more than to receive emails from you I have put my address up!

    xo em

    oh we are central NSW north of sydney. its the perfect place for you!

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