summer holidays…

Today is the first day of the summer holidays.
I was woken with this Bison (Bisy) shoved up my nose, not the best way to wake up!
The boys are still in their PJ’s, they have played lego, made a den and animals (I keep finding Jim the Lion all over the place).
What will happen next?
Other news…I have some lovely new cards just printed.  When I get a chance these will be in the shop
Have a lovely day… we’ve a party to attend in a minute if I can wrestle the PJ’s off them!

  • Ha ha, great way to start the day! Just thought I’d stop in and say Happy Summer. Wish it was warm here…

  • Sounds like a lovely start to the holidays – we have one more day left. Just hoping the weather behaves better over the next few weeks!

  • Oooh enjoy the hols, we still have a day left. Love the wellies card- so fab xx

  • hooray for the summer holidays, pjs until lunch and slightly random mealtimes – now just need some glorious sunshine and it will be complete.

    would like some lovely new cards but feel paying postage may be extravagant and perhaps should do ‘real world’ shopping instead…

  • I love the wellies in the doorway picture. It’s so sweet. It’s going to be a long holiday isn’t it?!!

  • Ah love jarmie days! enjoy the holidays.. nice to just be together.
    My little man loves those animals too, the cow is the favorite at the moment! Have fun at the party. xx

  • Oh lucky you – about the holidays not being woken up by a bison! Finn breaks up today but I still have to work tomorrow. But then six wonderful weeks. We have pj days in the holiday – love them. x

  • ohhh I love the new cards.. and your new header is divine.. they’re the pops of colour that keep on catching my eye on the way to work!

    Have a great party and enjoy the holidays.. PJ’s, ice creams and freedom.. wish I still had those weeks!

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