the summer list…

Charlie, Rufus and I sat down the other day and talked through what would like to do over the 6 weeks of school holidays.
Okay I know we are already on week one into the summer holidays…. so? I’ve been busy!
During our chat some crazy ideas were banded around…. such as horse riding, archery, going to Australia and the North Pole! 
So after talking those ideas down we came up with this list of achievable things to do over the holidays…
As you can see the majority are specific request from them, i.e. numbers 2, 4, 15 and 37!
And mine: 3 and 21!
This list is now stuck to the wall in the kitchen for us to mark off once they have been completed, and also as a reminder of what to do on days when we are tearing our hair out!
wish us luck!

  • ahhh now i wish i had kept up on my blog reading regardless of the madness of summer! i would have so copied this idea, love it! xxxxxx

  • Great list- so much fun! I think if that were our list we could have ticked off loads of them on our hol. looking ofrward to our own camping adventure, I’m feeling totally in camping love! xx

  • Now that is one very cool list.
    I hope you achieve them all … or even half. So many wonderful adventures!

  • Love this idea and it is great to spur you all on as otherwise you get to the end of 6 weeks and wonder what you did with your time. Re watch things grow at the allotment, if they is too hard work as you may need to sit for some time staring at things growing why not make some cress heads, oohh I love them with their funny little faces and funky cress hair and you can watch them grow pretty quickly :-)

  • This is brilliant! What a great idea – I would love to do all of these things with my summer, especially going on a mini beast adventure! Xx

  • Love the idea, we just finshed three weeks off, will keep the list in mind for the christmas holidays when my boy has 8&1/2 weeks off.

  • great list – we’ve made some too, funnily enough often involving ice cream just like yours. We aren’t going to make it to New Zealand this year (number one on someones list) but we are all going to swop beds for the night and try out each others rooms…will I get my bed back???

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